Remixing Intellectual Property 4 Betta Chedda

By chuxster | THE E.B. | 6 Jul 2024

Hi guys,

Right now there's a big shift in the world of IP AND Crypto. The Story Protocol has created a price for creators to monetize the "Remixing" of their stories. So now all of the fan fiction that exists on various forums that had to be given away for free can now be monetized.

If I'm understanding this correctly, the Story Protocol puts the basic IP of an artistic work onto the Blockchain or tokenizes all of the characters, places and other concepts that typically make up a story like Cinderella, Batman or Harry Potter. A "builder" then takes this IP and creates their own version of a story based on the original story/work. Now the builder is free to monetize on the work because the creator is also getting paid.

The Story Protocol has been backed by the crypto arm of Andreessen Horowitz , Paris Hilton's investing company and more than 7 other similar groups. So it's got some pretty powerful groups behind it. Plus the founders of the company have success in previously acquired or financially well-off organizations .

So if you're a good story teller, you might have just found another way to monetize your creativity: .

Good luck guys. Peace✌️

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