Monopoly Money on Your Property

By chuxster | THE E.B. | 11 Jun 2022

Hi guys,

I hope all is well for you today. I wanted to mention a platform that I recently rolled onto with no paperwork and friendly service. Please view the ...
image in order to discover the name of said platform. So, let's say that you're property manager or someone with a very lovely grandmom that has allowed...
you to monetize her property when not in use.



Then, you come across this website and decide that you do like to make nice chunks of money providing different mo vie-related organizations access to your
property. You could then create an account, take a bunch of pictures of your property and then put it on the platform.

And, let's say that you know a very busy photographer who is always taking pictures of stunning fa sh on ova models and you work out a 50-50 deal to have the model
(who is swimming in fashionova money) to pay for a 2-hour shoot at the property that you're charging $50 an hour for :). Now you and the photographer or 2 that you
know are getting paid. The ratings on your profile skyrocket because you beg the photog to tell the model to rate you well. Then this gives you more attention and
traffic from random passersby on the platform and you continue to pull in clients.

This is just a good way to monetize properties that are "sitting around."  Please check out the free rice game link below if you want to play games that donate rice/food to families in need around the world.

Good luck with this. And thank you.


---> Play The Free Rice Game to Donate Rice to Hungry Families Across the World 

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