Free-flow of money thought, 5-23-2022

By chuxster | THE E.B. | 23 May 2022


Are you into engineering, science, construction or any industry that you can think of ? If so, I would encourage you to sign up with this platform

maven(just change the plus to a period and you'll have their website)

They have a dashboard that allows you to login and view opportunities related to your profile. And they have a list of other opportunities listed for all profiles on the websites. You can view each one and express interest even if you were not originally directed to it. 

I believe every opportunity comes with a basic survey that allows you to answer questions (for pay) before you get chosen to contract with one of their clients. 


In addition to this, you can also refer other to specific opportunities. So let's say that you're a student in college and you ask your professor if they're open to consulting opportunities. If the professor says yes, then you can actually send them an invitation via email, they take the survey, (possibly) get the consulting position and you get paid for this and every other opportunity that they get paid for....for a full year. I think it's like 10% commissions. 


Better yet, if you could find a hungry graduate student and pitch them the same opportunity, they are probably 10x more likely to say yes. Do this across an entire campus and you should be getting money like a str***per , LOL. 


Any way, good luck guys. 




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