Free-flow of money thought, 3-27-2022

By chuxster | THE E.B. | 28 Mar 2022

Ok, so at this moment. If you're a business owner, software engineer, marketer and some other professions you can earn at least $100USD per hour (and up to $700USD per hour) just providing your insight for certain research surveys. The website is called Respondent and you can sign up as a participant at . 

But let's say that you're not working in one of these well paid positions but happen to know some places or events where these user congregate whether online or offline, you can also refer these people for $50 USD a pop (ie referral) via their refer-a-friend program --> . So 10 friends will pocket you $500 USD.

So, let's say you were looking for software engineers online, you might start by find some active github projects and reaching out to their creators and/or the people who have forked the project. You might also reach out to some software engineers via stackoverflow or post a job and have them reach out to you as suggested in this post: . You post the job but you don't reveal the website that you're submitting to. Once you told the developer you're interested in moving forward (and they agree to be paid for the surveys), you can submit their information to Respondent and collect your $50. You do this 10 times, and you have $500. If you're a real hustler and you do this 100 times in a month, that's $5000.


Good luck !     

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