"Immortality, possible or not?"
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"Immortality, possible or not?"

By Enigmareader | The Eagles | 10 Apr 2020

"Immortality, possible or not?"

What is immortality?

By Smiling Owl

Immortality is simply the ability to live forever or eternal life. That is just what google said about immortality, which is somehow different to what I meant with immortality. What I really meant with the immortality is the ability of humans to regenerate old cells indefinitely. So through this, aging would not be a problem and medical problems such as cancer would be just a wimp and not a big trouble with the help of this ability.

How can we achieve immortality if we only have the ability to regenerate cells indefinitely?

The answer for this is simple, the only reason because humans die because of the inability of people to regenerate old cells to new ones. In the nature of humans, the older you get, the slower is the regeneration of cells, and with the given fact, the inability of old people to regenerate cells is the reason why there is organ failure and many other complications to the body.

Do you know the reason why people who take up stem cells look so young?

Actually, the reason behind this is that stem cells are the one that regenerates the cells inside our body they became the ones that cope up with the impotence of our body to create healthy cells again. Through this, we can conclude that the secret to being young (immortality) would be increasing the rate of regeneration of cells on our body.

How can this be possible?

Isn’t this a contradiction to the bible and have the possibility that God would prohibit it?

Well let’s talk something in the history about people that wanted to become young again or those that wanted to achieve immortality. These examples are those people that doesn’t know the existence of biotechnology that is why they made such deeds. This would prove that immortality is impossible without biotechnology. One of the examples of those that wanted to be younger is Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed.

Who is she?

She is only the worst female murderer in history. She murdered virgins and bathe in their blood so that she could achieve a younger looking body. Another example is a man who mass murdered women in order to achieve immortality. Not what is the point of me, telling this to you?

Well, the main reason for this is that I wanted to prove that people long ago and even at this era, desired to achieve immortality but eventually failed. Why did they fail?

It is because they have no knowledge about biotechnology. In nature, immortality itself exists in some animals such as the immortal jellyfish and lobsters.

Are you getting what I am thinking when those animals are mentioned?

Yes! It is exactly what you think! Biotechnology can simply take the DNA and alter the genes of humans in order for us to to be immortal. A complex gene manipulation that can change humanity for eternity. The discovery of immortality would just make age a number and death as a word.

If there are advantages of immortality, of course there are also disadvantages in becoming an immortal specie. First of this conflicts that will arise would be the chaos brought by the people that might abuse immortality and use it to wreak havoc which could lead to the disorder of the public.

Another disadvantage of this immortality is that there would be a large chance at which the world will not be able to support humans due to overpopulation. There will only be an increase in population and no more deaths. In addition for this, more people would mean more problem since there would be less supplies that will be available at that time.

Is this possible?

Of course yes! There is nothing impossible with science, this is what I have learned as I read more and more books and articles about science. If I only consider ideality, the quest to immortality is just about 50 years away from now or even shorter than that. Even as I type this article, many of the known scientists are doing their best to study more about immortality. As a matter of fact, they are doing experiments and tests in order to make human immortal.

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