The Drip - #4 –SPEED ROUND!! - 04/27/2021

By m3ss | The Drip - Play2Earn Report | 28 Apr 2021

Life has been busy busy busy as my small family readies for a 1900 mile move but nothing gets in the way of games and spreading the good news of Play2Earn!

This week might seem a bit like a speed round as I’ve been packing all day and am a little fried. I still really wanted to get one last Drip out before I’m on the road and out of touch. So without further ado!

I ended up buying that fairly expensive (for me) lot of about 3 card for as many hundred dollars. This has me experimenting with some really fun new strategies and deck types that have my whole collection feeling really refreshed. There are 2 more days in the season and I’m at Diamond 3 and happy with that.

I’m saving DEC for a really silly goal. 6k down, 16k to go. I can’t wait to show you’ll once I’ve achieved this goal! Stay tuned!

Alien Worlds
Ah, my favorite money button. I’ve been steady on the plan to just keep mining TLM and then staking that back into my precious Naron. I feel that this will be the best strategy long term and I am very long on Alien Worlds. I’ve also dropped a few NFTs with the most valuable being a Standard Drill. The random NFTs still feel great but I really wish the UI would be improved about their dropping.

I’ve been watching TLM stabilize over time and today we had huge movement.

I’ll just leave this here:


Lost Relics

The stress of the move has made more intense games like Lost Relics less likely to get my playtime. I’m still so happy with my progress in the Easter event and have over 100 days of Premium stacked at this point. I completed my 7-day quest and I look forward to returning to Lost Relics soon.

Steady here too! Just collecting my UPX and looking forward to hitting $4000+ so I can grab another cheap property. The income is really steady here but it’s going to take some sort of major update to get me more involved. No offense intended!

STEADYYYY!! RollerCoin is still my favorite passive coin generation method. With the MASSIVE changed brought with the last patch I’m making more than double what I was pulling in before. This is fantastic. I’ve switched to 100% ETH but I consider switching back to ETH/RLT/DOGE mix constantly. I try not to tinker too much here and just play about 25 games a day to keep the machine running. Feels great to check each day honestly.

My only complaint is that the last sale was mostly only able to be interacted with in DOGE. I cant wait for the next RLT miner opportunity.

Rising Star
Rising Star is again reinventing itself with the ability to release real independent music as NDT albums, invest and fund their releases, and collect music in a new way. In the first Drip I made a comment about Rising Star I’m regretting. I said something like “It’s too unique to not be successful or to ever be huge”.

With the amazing progress in this game I’m not at all interested in limited my view of its potential. I firmly believe that Rising Star will be one of the nest games of this type to have their Alien Worlds Boom moment and I’m really happy I started leveling here nearly 2 months ago now.

Neon District
The delivery hustle is stable. I’m getting more level 5 characters as I’ve found that due to the unique leveling system. Two top level characters of the same class can be very different and sometimes one level 5 can be substantially more powerful than other levels 5s. Lot’s of hidden complexity here.

I expect Neon District to have a moment kind of like eXode had this week where they show off a ton of amazing new features, art, and content along with a damn near immediate release date. This one just still seems to me to have tons of hidden polish and while it can look dead at times I still have a lot of faith in Neon District.
It’s free money. I’ve been coming to this website for 5 years and nothing’s changed now. I’m starting to collect data on my Wheel of Fortune spins to get a better estimate on how much those are paying me. It is seeming really high to me at the moment but without hard numbers I don’t feel comfortable expanding on that.

I had been starting to worry that the fairly substantial investment I have here in FUN might be serving me much better on something like CubDEFI. After doing a set of 50 rolls that fear seemed laid to rest for the moment.

Synergy of Sierra
Just stacking Alpha Fame still. Nothing major to report.

Sounds like the closed alpha for ChainMonsters is eminent. I cant wait to see more here but, as of yet, have not been able to see anything worth reporting.

Dr. Who World Apart
I’m logging in daily to collect my Pandaks. There have been a variety of UI updates and it’s great to see this project getting steady updates after so many months of what felt like hibernation. I’m still so incredibly interested in the strange pricing system the card frames in this game are going to produce.

I still want to be a space man. eXode still looks fantastic. And this week I’m happy to report it sounds like eXode will have much more to see soon. Im still super bullish on eXode mostly for the longer gameplay loop and extreme polish they have repeatedly demonstrated.

Farsite has generated a lot of attention in a fairly short amount of time mostly due to the “hey go do PR for us and we will give you free items” model it uses. I am not a huge fan of this kind of campaign but there is enough that looks like a serious and well-made project that it has my attention. It’s still in the VERY early stages so I look forward to watching this one grow and bloom.

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The Drip - Play2Earn Report
The Drip - Play2Earn Report

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