+300% PROFIT?!? MASSIVE Changes Come to RollerCoin!

By m3ss | The Drip - Play2Earn Report | 20 Apr 2021

The volatile price of DOGE has brought big changes to the RollerCoin economy. What do those changes mean for you as a player? Is. Now a good time to get in? What’s the best way to lean into these changes for maximum effect? Let’s break it down together!

So, lets break down the math:

Average time per block: 

BTC: 5 min → 10 min

ETH: 5 min → 10 min

DOGE: 15 min → 10 min

RLT: 5 min → 10 min

New Block Reward:

BTC: 0.00009 (x2 = 0.00018) → 0,00030

ETH: 0.0017 (x2 = 0.0034) → 0,0050

DOGE: 240 → 20

RLT: 5 (x2 = 10) → 30

Minimal DOGE Withdrawal: 

360 Doge → 150 Doge

Minimal RLT purchase amount: 

10 RLT → 1 RLT

Those are a lot of numbers but let’s just take it slow. How you feel about this match will boil down to what coin you choose to mine. If you are some sort of DOGE purest this might be kinda a sour day but for everyone else it’s Christmas, The Super Bowl, and New Years all rolled into one!

With the new longer block times considered BTC and ETH rewards both nearly doubled! This feels huge until you look down at RLT who’s rewards have straight up tripled overnight. This means, if you are the kind of miner who is happy to move to where the profit is, your profits just tripled overnight! CONGRATULATIONS! I always believed you could do it! Along with this great news the QoL come updates to both DOGE and RLT that support new players better than ever before.

With the last patch streamlining miner pricing my shifting to all miners being priced in RLT a change to the in-game exchange was needed. Bringing the minimal RLT purchase (exchange) amount down to 1 is a huge move that shows the designers here have the consideration of players ease as a primary goal. While most players will buy into RollerCoin with BTC I’m sure many who have had a great time riding the DOGE boom might decide to roll some of those profits into some miners to gain the ability to produce more DOGE for themselves. There are so many great changes here!

But what came next in the announcement really dropped my jaw:


I run The Crypto-Gaming Guild and am all in on cryptocurrency, NFTs, and other blockchain related technology being the next step in gaming. I also think having a realistic understanding of the projects you choose to invest your money and time in, is of paramount importance.

I’m really impressed with the clarity the Devs speak with here. This is a game, not a job. We are here to play, not work. This is something to enjoy and play for the love of it! The crypto it generates, while great for funding small projects (like other cryptogames), will not be able to support you fully. In a world where so many scam projects have promised the moon and run off with the money hearing a Dev be this honest is refreshing.

The changes to the energy math are minimal and, as mentioned, the kind of thing that should really hurt botters. These measures are never taken because the game designers think things are too profitable or people love identifying where traffic lights are in images. They are made to save the future of games and stay one step ahead of those who will do anything for an edge. I trust this change will help guarantee a long life for RollerCoin and this more time for me to earn off my investment!

The final piece of news here only stood out upon my second reading:

"At the same time, we are totally up to the next update. RollerCoin will be celebrating 3 years this week!

So… Be ready for the next event dedicated to our sweet little birthday!"

New event coming soon! The event miners offered in times like this are strictly better than the normal ones which are always available, and I’ve been saving up since before the last event! It’s time to pull the trigger on some new miners! I had been split 50%/50% on ETH and RLT but now I’m mining 100% RLT until the math gives me a reason not to. I also plan to drop some of the Bitcoin in my FreeBitco.in account as the Wheel of Fortune has been really rewarding me this past week!If you’d like to join the fun:

Play RollerCoin here!

Join The Crypto-Gaming Guild here!

Or read more articles by your truly here!

Thanks again for the time you spent reading this and your constant support! Until the next time may all of your games end in your favor!

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M3SS is an antisocial lad, clever though. He spends his days working in cryptocurrency, financial tech, domain hosting, advertising tech, and nights dreaming of a better tomorrow. M3SS is the leader of The Crypto-Gaming Guild.

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