Selling half of the portfolio (excluding XCH)

Today I made the decision to cut half my portfolio. In the fight between profit, greed and common sense, common sense won. I believe that the market is very overheated and a strong short-term correction is expected in the coming days. Starting from 29.04.2023 and up to 11.04.2023 I bought cryptocurrencies every month and was fully in the market all this time. During this time I managed to build up volumes rebalancing between coins. Today, it was time to sell half of all coins (except XCH).

There was a profit of 852% in the portfolio. So, by selling half of all coins (except XCH), I took the invested funds out of the portfolio. Everything in the portfolio is a net profit.

In case of a market spill in the next few days (2.03 - 8.03), it is highly likely that I will be back fully in the market again.

If a market spill never happens, I will permanently remove the share of funds that are in USDT today and the invested funds will no longer participate in the market.

USDT share of the portfolio - 45% (invested funds in the market)
Cryptocurrency share - 55% (free coins)

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"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"
"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"

My goal is not to give you a fish... My goal is to give you a fishing rod and show you how to fish, and what your catch will be is up to you

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