🧩Cryptocurrency investments for 2022 🐢

👋 My name is Olena, and this is my diary of investing in cryptocurrencies. The money I used to spend on buying cigarettes is now invested in cryptocurrencies. From 2021 to 2022, I managed to save and invest $1,435 in cryptocurrencies. 2022 was a bearish year, the price was constantly falling, but despite that I bought $100 worth of cryptocurrencies every month. Also in 2021 I bought 3.77 Litecoin coins. They have been lying on the NEXO exchange for a few years now in stacking at 5% per annum.
Below is a link to google table with almost all investment results for 2022 and 2021.👇

👉 Cryptocurrency investment for 2022. 👈


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"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"
"Implementing an Idea: Money from the Air"

My goal is not to give you a fish... My goal is to give you a fishing rod and show you how to fish, and what your catch will be is up to you

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