Why We May See a Large Cultural Shift to Libertarianism

By TheDesertLynx | The Desert Lynx | 27 Jun 2020


Cancel culture is in full effect. Comedians Chris D'Elia, Joey Diaz, and Joe Rogan have come under the crosshairs for various perceived problematic past behavior. A wave of journalist firings has kicked off in recent months. Even early-days YouTube superstar Jenna Marbles recently called it quits after her decades-old comedic videos were suddendly exhumed and criticized.

Now, you could say that the left is eating itself, and you would be partially correct, as I'm sure many of these figures affected certainly lean left politically. But it's more specific than that. The left is purging its cultural influencers. And their exodus from the philosophy could significantly shift the global culture away from leftism, and towards libertarianism.

Why A Cultural Shift?


The left appealed to, and invested heavily in, cultural centers

There's no two ways about it: the left values education, media, and the arts, and they have been rewarded handsomely for this investment. From newspapers to universities to theaters, being a public face and performer is a sacred to the left. The wisdom of this focus is apparent in just how many in the media and entertainment lean left, and the foolishness of killing this goose laying the golden eggs will become painfully apparent before long.


The emotional and storytelling aspects of creatives will still draw in the left-leaning

Hard, logical pursuits such as computer science lead to higher representations of libertarians. Emotionally-sensitive vocations, such as media andd the arts, naturally attract the left-leaning, whose philosophy appeals to compassion, anger, and sense of injustice without worrying as much about the logical soundness of solutions proposed to society's ills. Because of this, creatives will almost always tend to come out the gate leaning left. At least, until the same left comes after their heads.


Much cultural appeal is centered on what's new and therefore "dangerous"

There's an inherent tendency of future generations to seek out the risky. To break new ground. To push boundaries. This is key to the progress of human civilization. And of course, the new and dangerous will be seen by the old guard as just that: dangerous. This means that the cultural cutting edge will find itself at odds with the left, and as a result, will exist the grasp of philosophical leftism.

Why to Libertarianism?


Libertarians are free-speech diehards

The simplest encapsulation of the entirety of libertarian ideology is: do whatever you want as long as you don't hurt others. Speech, no matter how reprehensible, is almost unequivocally exempted from this "hurt others" exception. This effectively translates to absolute support for an individual's right to say whatever they want, a right which will need defending from newly-shunned former leftist cultural influencers. If no one else will have there back, the libertarians will.


Conservatives have shown absolutely no sympathy for cancelled leftists

Now, many conservatives also have a similar dedication towards free speech. What they likely won't have, however, is the requisite sympathy to actually draw in former leftists to their fold. They were cancelled by the same ideology they used their platform to promote? Serves them right. As you can imagine, this attitude isn't one for making new friends. A libertarian is much more likely to be sympathetic to lost freedom than to what one was doing with said freedom to begin with. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


Liberty lets people be themselves as long as they aren't hurting anyone

Of all the various ideologies, the most lifestyle-permissive one is libertarianism. As long as violent force, including that of the government, isn't employed, largely a libertarian won't care whatever else you happen to do with your life. By contrast, an artist seeking refuge with conservatism will likely have to significantly amend their belief system in order to fit in. A libertarian, on the other hand, can be pro-life or pro-choice, religious or atheist, traditionalist or radical, and so on, so long as they respect the freedoms of others. A newly-jettisoned former leftist can largely keep living as they did before and be welcomed by libertarians, at least until they express political views favoring government action.


Groups influence the ideology of their members

Whether or not we'd like to admit it, we're social creatures and as such are susceptible to some effects of groupthink. At a minimum, hanging around with friends who think differently than us forces us to become exposed to their ideas more intimately than we otherwise would be, and that can cause an ideological shift. More commonly though, we tend to form, and defend, the ideas of the group that we're in, and once we leave we become open to switching some of them out. Yes, even in the hyper-individualistic, logical, and argumentative world of libertarian philosophy. Particularly since new entrants from the creative world are more likely to be less antisocial, I think we can expect a certain degree of ideological shift.

The left courted creatives by standing in staunch opposition to the censorship-prone prudes of the day, and were rewarded by influencing a massive cultural shift. Now that prudish sentiments are largely a thing of the left, artists will flock to the only philosophy that lets them be who they love to be: libertarianism.

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