The 1inch DEX Aggregator ... The Real DeFi Swap Market

By stereoIII6 | The DeFi Guy | 9 Apr 2020

Everyone thats into swapping coins at the best rate should seriously read this NOW !
1inch is not a leverage trading exchange ... but it sure is the #1 crypto forex site you will find in the web ! 
Check out this simply awesome must have tool for every DeFi Investor , Developer , Trader & Freak out there ...  
#1 Decentral Crypto Forex Aggregator "1inch"

1inch scans through several DEXes (Decentralized Exchanges) to make sure you catch the best deal you can get ...
MultiSplit, Kyber, Maker, Bancor ,Uniswap and many more can compared and sorted by rates and gas fees.

1inch trades nearly any ETH based coin or token you can imagine and supports a Limit Order Function ...
The API is Developer friendly and very usable ...

Leave your questions, thoughts and experiences witch 1inch in the comments i'll get back to you ASAP !

thnx from berlin ... stereoIII6

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The DeFi Guy

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