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By toofasteddie | The cryptorunner | 17 Jan 2022

From time to time it is good to continue cultivating our knowledge in the technology in which we are involved.
A few minutes ago I just received a new book, of course, it is a book on the philosophy of Bitcoin.
I found this Spanish author through a tweet from our friend @empoderat, who apparently has been a patron of the writer who created a crowdfunding to write and publish this book.

"La Filosofia de Bitcoin"


It is a simple and short book, I think it is easy to read although it deals with quite deep topics, starting with:

  • Philosophy of money
  • Coin philosophy
  • The denationalization of money

Then follow up with:

  • Property Law
  • volatility
  • Other crypto and BTC competitors

To end up addressing the Behaviours of states and central banks against Bitcoin.

I think I have quite mastered the subject but I am sure to find new ideas reading these lines.

If you want to support the writer, Alvaro D. Maria, I leave you the link to the website where you can buy a copy in paper or pdf format (cheaper).

P.s: at the moment only in Spanish version

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