By toofasteddie | The cryptorunner | 2 Feb 2023

That is the key number...it is not only my opinion but also that of many in the crypto space.
It is about the BITCOIN price level that must be overcome to confirm the return of the bulls and, perhaps also, to confirm the end of the ordeal.
Although there are also many who think that this is nothing more than a BULL TRAP...
Remembering how the previous two Bull cycles began, I have to say that it was not something that happened from one day to the next. It was a longer process with a lot of uncertainty and a lot of BULL TRAP rumors as well, which is very similar to the current moment.

The price went up little by little, consolidating levels from one day to the next and, without realizing it, you find yourself once again involved in a maelstrom of FOMO around you...


BITCOIN is doing well, I still think that it should have gone lower given the disasters that have occurred, but this has not happened and, I think that I see more and more far away that it happens... unless we suffer another great global economic disaster that is not have to be related to BITCOIN.
I continue accumulating every day, I am beginning to consider the increase in the contribution in dollars that I make in my DCA system, at least until we pass $30,000. I think that is the trick that must be played.
Then we'll see... I'm able to keep doing DCA until the TOP...



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