ETH 2.0 stake Using Coinbase | No minimum ETH requirement | More than 5 % APY

ETH 2.0 stake Using Coinbase | No minimum ETH requirement | More than 5 % APY

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 25 Sep 2021

Hey Everyone, welcome back to My blog Crypto Times and Hope you guys are doing good. This article Staking of ETH 2.0 using Coinbase Exchange.

Coinbase is the Well known and most famous Exchange in the world of Crypto. Coinbase always takes a numerous step which attracts the crypto investor. This month only coins listed two famous coins FARM and Shiba Inu on their exchange. Now Coinbase started the stacking of the ETH 2.0. Investors always attract to Coinbase because of no minimum amount required to trade, generally, in other Exchanges like Binance, you need a minimum of $10 to trade and stake any Coin.


ETH 2.0
ETH 2.0 is the upgrade version of Ethereum. Generally the network fees for transactions in between $10 to $100 in the Ethereum network. So Ethereum wants to move from POW to POS. And During this process, the developer needs to check the transaction process which required a huge Ethereum. So Investor( We) Are staking our ETH for the use of the upgrading to ETH 2.0. In return, after releasing the ETH 2.0, there will return ETH 2.0 with the interest. 


Why Coinbase
Generally, you need almost 32 ETH for staking in other exchanges but in Coinbase you can invest small to small amounts. Coinbase has no minimum requirement. You can invest $0.0001 into ETH stacking if you want.


How to Stack ETH 2.0 using Coinbase

  1. Login to Coinbase or Signup ( Link in Comment Section)
  2. Hold some ETH
  3. Click on ETH
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  4. Click on join Waitlist
  5. Confirm All information
  6. Wait for the Confirmation from Coinbase


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