Brave Browser enables access to Decentralized Web | NFT Giveaway from Brave |

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 14 May 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes back to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing good. This Article on Brave Browser providing access to Decenterllised Web and NFT Giveaway.

Decentralized Web
Decentralized Web is the New concept in which removing the Centralised Hosting System. For example, if you make the website and want to host then you have to pay the monthly payment. And in Centerliised hosting, we have not full access to websites. But Decenterised web help to remove the center Hosting and no monthly renewal charges.

Brave Browser and Unstoppable Domain Collaboration

We know that Brave browser is the chromium browser and sharing their revenue with the brave User in the form of BAT ( Basic Attention Token). Currently, it is a more famous browser in the crypto world and competitors for Google Chrome.

Unstoppable Domain is launched in 2018 and providing amazing domain names with no renewal fees like .crypto. When you book a domain name in the unstoppable domain, it is stored as the NFT on the Ethereum chain where you can send, receive more than 140 + cryptocurrencies.

Some popular .crypto domain website

  1. DTube.crypto know as the Decentralised YouTube
  2. Huddle01.crypto is a video conferencing websites like Zoom, Microsoft Meet, and Google meet

Importance of .crypto website

  1. Impossible to hack because it works on Blockchain
  2. Easy to send and receive cryptocurrency
  3. Brave users can also access the .crypto

Brave NFT Giveaway

Brave and unstoppable domain celebrating their collaboration with 10 unique digital asset NFT to people who Like, Retweet, and Comment with your .crypto domain below tweet

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