Boost Brave Browser Reward Earning by 5 Way

By Kailash Mina | The Crypto Time | 17 May 2021

Hey Everyone, welcomes back to My blog Crypto Times and Hopes you Guys are doing good. This Article on Boost Brave Browser Reward Earning.

For Non-Brave users

Brave Browser is the chromium browser with the ads and Tracker Blocker. Currently Brave has more than 25 million views. Brave browser is so much famous among crypto users because viewing an advertisement on Brave pays BAT ( Basic Attention Token).

The current price of 1 BAT is nearly $1.5. If you are not a brave user then Install it on the device and earn some crypto token.

For Brave users
If you are using Brave browser for a long time then you know that how to boost Basic attention token (BAT) rewards. But don’t worry I will detail explain all step to boost your rewards
1. Turn off the Auto Contribute

Auto contribute is the contribution you BAT reward to Creator like YouTube, Reddit, twitch, website, etc. When Auto contribute on then automatically your BAT earning deduct from your reward.

2. Maximize the number of Ads displayed
Barve browser provides the option to turn OFF & ON the ads. But if you off the ads, then you got nothing, So always ON the ads. In ads, they have the option of ads displayed per hour like 1,2,3,4,5 Ads/ hours. So select 5ads/hour.

     Step for selection of 5 Ads per hours

  1. Click on Brave Reward from setting
  2. Click on Ads Setting
  3. Select 5 ads/ hour

3. Refresh the New Tab
Whenever you open a new tab, you show a background image of some ads like Gala Games, Nord VPN, etc. so whenever you refresh continuously the tab  and viewing the background image of ads then your reward increase  simultaneously
For Example: 
Background Gala ads image - Reward 8.134 BAT

After Refreshing 3-4 times and again View background Image - Reward 8.149 BAT

4. Open the ads whenever you get a notification from Brave
Generally Brave provides BAT for ads but it is not required to open and view the ads. But whenever you got notification of ads then open it. And scroll 10 seconds and click on any option. 

When you back to brave reward, you get three times of ads revenue

5. Join Brave Creator
If you are creating content on YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, GifHub, any Website. Then You verified your account on Brave creator and get additional BAT from the Brave users.
Mine Earning using Brave Creator

Step to join Brave Creator

  1. Copy and search
  2. Signup 
  3. Scroll down and click on add channel
  4. Choose an option like YouTube, Twitter, Website, Twitch, Vimeo, Reddit, etc
  5. For example, I selected Youtube
  6. Sign in using Gooogle id which attached to your Youtube channel
  7. Click ok and Your channel is added to Creator.

Whenever some Brave User watching your content you get BAT

Some Others way to Boost Brave Reward ( But Not Recommended)

  1. Join Referral Program: Currently Brave stopped the Referral program for the new user but old users can boost earnings by referring to Brave browser.
  2. Use VPN (Avoid ): The number of ads from brave depends on country location. If your country like the USA, European Country get so many ads, they can make more than 25 BAT monthly. But if your country gets fewer ads then your monthly BAT reward will be very less.

Using VPN, brave users can get many ads and boost the rewards.

Note: VPN violates the Brave browser policies and your account may be restricted. But if you want to take a risk then it is your choice.


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