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Pi Network - Mine on your smartphone

By 4NDR34 | The Crypto Starter Pack | 15 Jan 2020

Hi guys,

this post will be quite short, but the project seems to be quite interesting so it's worth mentioning it.

It's called Pi Network and it's developed by a group of doctorands from Stanford University.

The project is at the very beginning (app should still be at beta phase) and many functions are at the testing stage.


Pi Network is based on the consensus mechanism, therefore you can "mine" coins on your smartphone downloading the app with a daily click.

As you will read on their webpage, the more people you have in your "security circle" the faster you "mine". 


Here is their website:

And here the referral to enter in my security circle: (use Ndreu as invitation code).


You will ask: is it worth? Hard to say since it's at the very beginning.

But considering that it doesn't require energy (the app doesn't drain your battery and requires only one click per day) I think it's worth giving a try since the project seems nice (have a look at the white paper).

The coin should come in the market around October 2020 (now only some selected users are beta testing transactions).


Previsions: I don't think it makes sense to forecast anything, but rumors say the value of 1 Pi Coin might reach $1 after launch.


Let's wait and see!



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