Unreal Fud, but why the Batz isn’t as worried as a few weeks prior

Here’s a few disclaimers for this little snippet, this post will be an opinion piece for the state of crypto, I believe all the bad press and pressure from governments that pretend to be different from one another, is coordinated, orchestrated and originates from the old money whales. The governments and corporations haven’t yet gotten their toes dug deep enough in the sands of crypto and they are poaching for more territory. This bear test/ bull trap or whatever else you’ve been seeing it be called is just another speed bump for crypto, which isn’t the first and certainly not the last. But all this coordinated effort and we still see a market that is alive, although smaller than its peak. I am not diminishing anyone’s losses or gains, because my condolences and congratulations come with each, I know I didn’t move in time to make this series of dips work to my benefit well at all. My holdings are valued around 1/3 of what they had been at when peaks were achieved, that being said I’m very lucky to only have in the market what I can afford to lose and realistically my total sum invested is still in the positive by a decent margin. I’m fortunate but have not acted as agile or flexible as I could have been, my approach is mostly long term POS ( Proof of Stake ) coins so the HODL is the main place of confidence. 

all that being said, let’s dive into a bite sized birds eye view of the big ol’ crypto-verse 


So first things first, all the FUD, too much FUD, just wayyy too much. 

the fud is spewing from all directions, and Elon is half way helping but I can’t help but smell the stale charades and wish he would leave crypto alone till he decides how he feels about it.   Troll-clan-leaderTrump is anti crypto and all his laundered dirty money is how he’d rather roll, figures.. China Is always good for some doom and gloom threatening the “fragile” crypto space, but this is a huge real life test for blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency itself. The question is, in a place that demands total control can it be reigned in or can Bitcoin become the mythical term that would usher in a golden age,



does such a possibility exist, of a concrete word for the solidification of the blockchain as a solution for large scale real world issues. This is turning point for crypto, that I’m sure I just don’t know exactly how all these dominoes will fall, i know it sounds cliche but it it could literally go either way. If we establish a patriotic image that can go with crypto and Uncle Sam regulates without being too aggressive we could rise on the winning side in the technology/ digitization competition. But China’s outward stance probably isn’t as harsh and condemning behind closed doors where mining is a major market and sways supply and demand on a global level. Right now the wild Wild West has yet to be conquered but getting some adoption seems to go overlooked while such heavily Fudded headlines keep rolling on our screens. Yet the good news for crypto and it’s acceptance are happening all the time.the use cases for the ever expanding tech is exponential, but that never seems to make the headlines when rumors and doubt can be shilled. My main point is to hear all the news and notice who’s focusing on what perspective, we have to read the reactions of those in cryptos ranks and those not yet joined up. Many are not aware of the vastness of the space and the multitude of problems that could be solved if we apply our capabilities individually and collectively. So if you are here, reading and interested consider yourself ahead of the curve even if you know only the very basics. Which could be summarized as

”1. Watch out everything is a scam 


2.if it’s not a scam you can still lose money if the wrong moves are made


3.only a combination of a good plan and an achievable goal and an idea in your mind of what your successful venture would be. That’s the only way to make sure you don’t get swept up and forget to take some profits on the way, because as of right now no bull market is eternal but hopefully this one has some more kick in it. “

those are some extremely basic guidelines I’d start and refer back to when in doubt if I was brand new to the space. 

crypto has huge potential and it’s impact is felt all the time with those of us on the pulse of it. My condolences for any losses, congrats on any gains and if you’re holding true, know that you may very well find a day that lines up with your goals as well no matter how far that seems. 
to those entering and re entering the crypto watering holes, things are cheaper than they have been for a while and those DCA (Dollar cost averaging may find a lower entry than previous which brings your average entry down. None of this is financial advice because I can’t speak for anyone but myself. But I hope we all find success one way or another despite our obstacles. Like the blockchain itself I believe we’re stronger as a whole than divided. 
be safe and till next time 

CryptoBatz ——>. Out 



I am not and have never been a financial advisor, or anything other than an entertainer giving an educational view on certain aspects of digital currency. Do your own research, stay informed and don’t listen to any one source.




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