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Best Place to Learn Blockchain Industry Related Skills (Free Trial)

By KHubbard | The Crypto New Jack | 14 Jun 2020

A few months back I contemplated whether I should do some online training with the hopes of expanding my knowledge of blockchain and digital assets.  The program that I felt had the broadest amount of topics at the most cost effective price point was Ivan on Tech.  Ivan on Tech is very easy for people of all skillsets to get started and get comfortable a knowledge track that will put them on the road to a career in blockchain.  Educational tracks include:


DeFi 101

Blockchain 101

Bitcoin Programming

Blockchain Development

Blockchain for Business

Blockchain Gaming Development


The above courses offer so much value and are instructed by leaders within the industry.  You can receive a no obligation free trial at the link below:


Ivan on Tech






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The Crypto New Jack
The Crypto New Jack

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