Introduction: My Story and outlook on cryptocurrencies.

Hi, guys!


This is my first post on this platform and I'm very excited to be a part of this community. I was previously a blogger over on Steemit for 2 years and stopped using it this year because of the negative changes I was witnessing like whale dominance and bots to name a few. I'm a big advocate for the future of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Although there are many other alternative blogging platforms on the blockchain I believe this is the only one worth investing time on. 


My Story


I have been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2015 going through the motions of this crazy new innovation. In my short time in this space I've learned a lot, there's been major strides in innovation from where we are now and where we were 4 years ago. The ups and downs have painted a clear picture to me of which projects are fit, to not only survive, but also thrive in this ecosystem. Many projects have failed in this time and many more are flirting with irrelevancy and extinction. 


My experiences in rev shares, lead rotators, ICO's and bot trading platforms, to name a few, have taught me the most important aspect of investing and that is to research and fully understand the platform and its market in order to limit risk. The fact is 90% of projects are going to fail and many of them imitate or are similar to the other 10 percent. This makes finding the right project to invest your time or money worse than the odds of a coin toss. Knowing what to look for when researching a project requires a certain instinct that only comes with the experience of many losses. [Please note that this blog isn't and will never be for investment or financial advice, but for sharing information].


One important aspect of staying in the know and up-to-date is to be fully emerged within your industry. I am proud to say I quit my job 2 years ago to focus more on the opportunities blockchain has to offer and I haven't looked back since then. This space is still in its infancy and we as a community of early adopters have the responsibility to help it grow. 


Outlook to my blog


I have two blogs where I'll be posting everything I know and learn along the way, namely - The Crypto Mandate, and Everything EOS


The Crypto Mandate is for sharing my view of the current state of affairs in the broader world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. On here I will be providing updates, research, opinions and news about different projects. As I hinted earlier on its important to keep learning about the happenings of blockchain and have a bird's-eye view of this world. Keeping up-to-date with all things blockchain is important because you never on which blockchain that new hot project will pop out from. 


Everything EOS is a more focused blog about the EOS blockchain. This is my favorite blockchain for so many reasons and I've been intrigued by it even way before its inception. I could say a lot about EOS but that's a topic for a different day. This blog first and foremost will be to educate people about the blockchain, how to set up an account and how the system operates. You can also look forward to dapp/project reviews as EOS has some of the best decentralized applications (dapps) in all of blockchain. 


This is just the gist of what's to come on these two blogs. I just wanted to introduce myself first and get to know this community. I feel good about Publish0x and there's nothing better like a fresh start on a new platform.


Thank you for reading!

Please share your thoughts in the comments section and follow for regular posts. 

Until the next one, take care.

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