NEW Play2Earn Opportunity! Crazy Defense Heroes adds TOWER TOKEN!! FULL NEWS HERE!

By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 12 Oct 2021


Folks, the Play2Earn revolution is alive and well in gaming and, make no mistake, the projects you see today are laying the groundwork for The Metaverse. As gaming, investing, cryptocurrency, NFT technology, and internet 3.0 all merge into something new an amazing we as players simply need to keep up with the opportunities as they present themselves. Over the past few days we got some massive new and, in the opinion of this author, there is a new cryptogame on the scene.

Cryptogames come into existence most often in one of two ways. Most are programmed from scratch to run on rapidly evolving blockchain tech to reach new frontiers in gaming. Occasionally an already established traditional gaming project will decide to add blockchain to it's project to reach new grounds. Crazy Defense Heroes is one of these second cases.


Crazy Defense Heroes is a well designed and polish mobile tower defense game and they have been completing a escalating series of project with Yield Guild to become a Play2Earn experience. Earlier today we got news that the next season of Crazy Defense Heroes is going to be paying out over $50 in TOWER token! Wow!

All you have to do is play the game and gain experience!


There are some other steps to get completed but it's just your standard Discord stuff. To get the full story click here:

TOWER Token has another play-to-earn opportunity!

I've been playing this game for months waiting for these events and am currently level 25. To celebrate Crazy Defense Heroes joining the Play2Earn scene I'm going to start work on a large collection of articles explaining the game in detail and helping my fellow cryptogamers along! If you are looking for more content like that please follow my account!


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