Ahhhh, that’s better. Now I can go back to blasting apart the sandy coastlines of my precious Naron with optimal math!

Advanced Tech - Equipping Multiple of the Same Tool Using WAX Contract Actions

By m3ss | The Crypto-Gaming Guild | 2 Jul 2021

Alien Wolds has long been a front-runner in the Play2Earn gaming scene and, with their budding relationship with industry giant Binance, we know massive updates are coming soon. That said, at the moment there are aspects of the Alien Worlds UI that can cause difficulties in newer users. With some tools currently available we can not only resolve any issues but also learn more about how contracts work on WAX.


At it’s core Alien Worlds is an galactic mining simulator. Your Mining Bag shows the location you are mining, the load-out of tools you are currently using, and some basic information present on the cards. There are other advanced tools you can use to help you discover the perfect location and tool combination in your budget and, sometimes, you’ll discover that multiple of the same tool can be advantageous. When you try and set this in the UI you’ll quickly discover that it’s not possible with the current buttons. Bummer!


As Alien Words UI is currently in Alpha I want to be clear this is not a hit piece, I don’t think it’s possible to change gaming without building some tools of your own and that’s just what’s going on behind the scenes. For now we have to use other techniques.

So, let’s get clever!

  1. Visit Atomic Hub or any other WAX based UI and log into your wallet.

  2. Locate the user m.federation on Wax.Bloks.io. This is the official WAX account that holds Alien Worlds smart contracts.

3.Click on Contract tab and then on the Actions tab

4.Locate the setbag smart contract

5.From here you’ll need to enter the contract data in the presented fields:

The account field needs to be your WAX wallet name (often ending in .wam)

The items field should be filled with a list of item IDs that you want to equip. It should be formatted as a JavaScript array: ["12345", "12345", "12345"].

On Atomic Hub this ID will be present in both the Asset and ID fields as shown here.


Once that’s complete simple click Submit Transactions along with Verify on the pop-up and, after a moment or two for the contract to verify on chain, visit your Mining Bag again and hit refresh.


Ahhhh, that’s better. Now I can go back to blasting apart the sandy coastlines of my precious Naron with optimal math! I hope this has been helpful and, in some way, demystified using smart contracts on chain. Check out the other tools available on the m.federation page and you just may find some other tricky techniques to give you the edge over your fellow space miner!

Special thanks to MetaHub for bringing this information to my attention when I was frantically googling this issue all those months ago!

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The games we are currently focusing on are:
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I hope this is helpful and you were able to learn something today!

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