Tally ho is here!

By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 18 Jul 2022

Tally ho is a new wallet and DAO, and it's a competitor of metamask... let me explain


I think tally ho has potential to become a serious competitor to metamask. As of right now I think metamask is still better, only because it is older and more developed.  Right now the wallet does not support Ampleforth and other smaller eth tokens. also you cannot add token by there contact address like you can in Metamask. I personally believe that these thing will come at some point in the future so I'm not worrying to much, because once again this is a new project that is still establishing it's foot hold. 

Cool things About Tally Ho.

There fees for the token swaps are cheaper then other wallets "Tally Ho Swaps are half the price of other wallets. And there are no hidden fees." (


There are no hidden fees on the site and it 100% open sourced. 

They also have full integration with leger wallets. 


Finally the project is fully owned by the community and not some board or as they say a conglomerate.


My experience with Tally Ho.

I put a tiny bit of eth into the wallet to test it out and so far I did not run into any problems trying to transfer the funds to other tokens. The only down side of the wallet is that you can't switch to tokens like Ampleforth. 


I contributed some suggestions on the discord. 

1. way to hide/ convert dust into tokens

2. being about to search for tokens buy there name and abbreviation for example I could search tether or usdt


Lastly this is a new project so it has a long way to go, i think you should be able to add different networks besides eth mainnet and polygon mainnet. and support for tokens like ampleforth.


I believe this project has a future and can compete or overthrow metamask as the better wallet!


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