Statera Time to Say Goodbye?

By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 29 Apr 2022

Statera seems to taking a deep dive right now. 

Why do I say this, well as of right now it's value has dropped -35.1% for the past 7 days. That is a lot of value, which means it translate to about a little over a cent lost in its worth. now things dont seem to be getting any better the further back we look at this coin. It's one year is down -54%!

Statera just seems to loosing more value then it's gaining In my opinion. As you can see from the Coingecko insert the coin is ranked #1755 that is very low while on the other hand Ampleforth is ranked at #395. 

This past month I have had a p/l of about -43%, my Statera has lost almost half of it's value this past month, while most coins are taking a massive hit right now Statera has been on this decline even before the rest of the market went down. 

So long story short I believe we should let go of Statera before it does us anymore harm and find another tipping token Ampleforth or some other type of stable coin. 

Hope yall have a wonderful day and let me know in the comments what you thing.


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