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By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 28 Sep 2022

Prices are still going down, and will continue to drop. 

This is the overarching opinion I've seen on Tik Tok, YouTube, and even in my own classroom. It's that we are in the early stages of a recession. prices of major cryptos and stocks are down. Bitcoin for example is down 55% for the year, Eth is down 56%, and finally BNB is down 19%. Then looking at the stock market for the year some of the Vanguard ETFs I own are down 16-25% for the year. The sad thing is this is only the beginning of the down turn of Stocks, Crypto, Bonds and eventually real-estate. 

So these past two months have been hard on the stock market and Crypto. What else is there to do. One of the first things I thought of was gold and silver, but upon further research it appears that gold and silver have recently dropped but also they have only increased in value by about 22% while the S&P 500 has tripled in value over that time. So gold is not a good place to park your money. 

I also had a friend tell me buy land or real-estate. I thought this was a good idea at first until I looked at cost and whole picture. Land costs about $20,000 and does not make money on it's own unless I hold it for decades. Which can be a good long term investment. 20K is alot for a practically broke young adult so that throws it out of the picture completely. finally my last thought is I could take a loan out but why would I want to create debt that I could avoid in the first place. 

My solution

Finally after thinking about what I am going to is hold cash. I will tighten up my budget where I can and throw all my money into savings. Then each month I was do some dollar cost averaging on BTC, ETH, BNB, and Matic, these are all coins that I believe will do good in the future. also on robin hood I will put some money into my ETFs and other stocks I think that will preform well. Lasty during the month any stock or crypto that is down 5% for the day/ week I will buy. Eventually the markets will bottom out and that's when I plan to put the biggest lump of cash into investments. 

I believe having a plan will help me succeed in buying the dip correctly and not panicking when stuff gets messy these next couple of months to years. 


I hope you enjoyed the article, Please feel free to comment on things you agree with or disagree with. I'd like to hear people's opinions so I can learn more from you guys. 

Also disclaimer; THIS IS NOT FINACIAL ADVICE, make sure to DYOR and come up with your own ideas and thoughts. 


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