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By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 11 Jul 2022

Hey everybody :)


For today's article I wanted to go talk about how I've started using rollercoin. For the past couple months I wanted to start playing the games there but I never really had time to sign up and do all that. but a couple weeks ago I finally signed up and everything. I did not really start playing the games until about a week ago. So far, I want to say that I like it, and it's really fun. 

For somethings I noticed is that some games give you more hash rate than others, for example the game Crypto Hamster gives about 1000 gh/s compared to Coinclick which is about 300, so it's kind of limited on what games you should play. Another thing is the game is kind of pay to win, or I shouldn't say pay to win more like pay to get ahead, because you make barely anything playing the games, so you have to cough up some bitcoin in order to buy the miners, which I don't mind that will eventually change when I progress and get more Roller Tokens. 

So far, I have made about about :

0.13 RLT

0.0000000045 BTC

0.00000019 BNB

0.000328 Polygon

0.00000319 Sol


Right now, 40% of my power is going to RLT, 50% is going towards BTC and 10% is going towards Polygon



I've managed to get three miners this week while playing the game




I really enjoy rollercoin and I hope to continue playing it and growing my mining power and eventually getting good at it. 


I will be posting weekly updates on my progress through the game for you guys 

hasta luego :)))

if you haven't joined rollercoin here's my referral link


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