A New Beginning

By Joshyboi | The Crypto Fill | 31 Mar 2022

This article I am writing is my first ever blog. I wanted to start writing blogs because I"m pretty horrible at writing in English, and English is my first language! Another reason Im going to start writing articles is I want to have a way to document what I learn about cryptos and other things I pick up in my life.

My Life

A little about my self. My name is Josh and I'm about to be 18 years old. I think crypto has so many real world uses and applications and can change the world in massive ways that people cant see yet. I also love to play the guitar, I am mostly a classical guitarist and occasionally I dabble  in more modern lofi/pop guitar. I also enjoy gardening and find it really satisfying to see plants that I cared for grow and thrive. Also I get fresh, delicious food from the plants that I grow. Finally I am deeply interested in personal fiance.  


My Goals for Publish0x

First off while I was waiting for the wonderful people at Publish0x to accept my request to become a author,  I sat there and thought about what I would like to write about. I came to the conclusion that I want to write about my hobbies and learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies. My hobbies include: gardening, playing the guitar and personal fiance. 




To finish up my first article I would like to say thank you all for letting me join this community, and I cannot wait to write about all the new things I learn in my new journey. 

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The Crypto Fill
The Crypto Fill

This blog will be filled with what I learn during my crypto journey and what new knowledge I gain from this amazing world of cryptocurrencies.

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