CODING TUTORIAL - Building Your Own Cryptocurrency on the Ethereum Network: A Epic Step-by-Step Guide [ PART 2]

By Louky | THE CRYPTO-DEV JOURNAL | 16 Jun 2023

Yo, my crypto-savvy buddies!

If you have not read the part one of my first tutorial click me



Are you ready for the second part of this mind-blowing tutorial?
We're about to dive even deeper into the world of creating your own cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network.
So grab your favorite energy drink and let's continue this epic adventure together, fam!


Step 5: Testing Your Crypto Masterpiece Like a Boss

Alright, my fearless warriors, you've written your kickass smart contract, but we can't just launch it into the wild without testing it, right? We gotta make sure it's rock-solid and ready to conquer the crypto universe. So, let's put it through some rigorous testing.

Open up that terminal in VS Code and get ready to unleash the power of Truffle testing.

Type in the following command and watch the magic happen:

truffle test

Sit back, relax, and let Truffle work its mojo. It'll run a series of tests on your contract, checking for any weak spots or bugs. If all goes smoothly and your tests pass with flying colors, you can give yourself a high-five and a pat on the back. You're one step closer to crypto domination!

Step 6: Deploying Your Crypto Empire to the Ethereum Network

Alright, my ambitious peeps, it's time to take your crypto masterpiece from the playground to the real world. We're gonna deploy it on the Ethereum network and let it shine like a diamond in the sky. But first, you gotta make sure you're prepared for this epic journey.

Before we dive into deployment, make sure you have an Ethereum account and some ETH to cover the deployment costs. You can't make it rain without some cash, right?

Now, in that trusty terminal of yours, run the following command to compile your smart contract:

truffle compile

If everything goes smoothly without any errors, it's time to unleash your crypto empire upon the world. Run this command and watch the magic unfold:

  truffle migrate

Boom! Your contract is on its way to the Ethereum network like a shooting star. It's time to celebrate, my friends! Pop that bottle of champagne, do a little victory dance, and savor the moment. You're officially a crypto conqueror!


Step 7: Interacting with Your Cryptocurrency Like a Boss

Alright, my fellow crypto warriors, now that your contract is deployed and out there in the wild, it's time to see it in action. We'll use the power of the Truffle console to interact with your creation and perform some mind-blowing operations.

Fire up that terminal once again and enter the following command to open the Truffle console:

truffle console

Boom! You're now in the console, ready to unleash your crypto powers.


Here are some epic commands to get you started:

  • To get the total supply of your token, type in:

let instance = await MyToken.deployed(); instance.totalSupply();

  • Wanna know the balance of a specific address? Easy peasy! Just type in:


Replace <address> with the actual Ethereum address you want to check.

  • Want to transfer some tokens like a true crypto boss? You got it! Use this command:

instance.transfer('<recipient>', <amount>);

Replace <recipient> with the recipient's Ethereum address and <amount> with the number of tokens you want to transfer.

Alright, my crypto bruskii, you've conquered Part 2 of this mind-blowing tutorial!

You've tested your crypto masterpiece, deployed it to the Ethereum network like a true boss, and even unleashed your powers to interact with your creation.


Stay tuned for Part 3, where we'll explore some advanced features and take your crypto game to the next level!


But hey, before we continue, let me drop a quick disclaimer:
this tutorial is for educational purposes only, alright?
Always do your own research, stay curious, and exercise caution when dealing with cryptocurrencies.


We're on a wild ride here, and it's important to keep your wits about you.

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You rock, my homies!

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Together, we'll conquer the crypto universe!
🚀 Keep hustlin', fam! 🚀
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