Transforming the Voting Process
Transforming the Voting Process

Back in the day, I took the Strength Finders 2.0 test and discovered that "Futuristic" was one of my key strengths. I enjoy peering over the horizon to see what is coming next so I can help others become more aware of it as well; you could say I am an early adopter. 

As we continue in this 2020 election cycle and all the issues it is bring, I wonder if there is a way to transform the process? From getting candidates on the list to run, to caucusing, to state primaries, to the ultimate race for President; can Blockchain be a solution? I believe it can. 

I've mentioned this many times on many podcast interviews: We need Blockchain ID. Why? Because once we do, a friction-less society is possible. Not only that but think of what it could do for elections? If everyone had a unique ID that couldn't be tampered with, you could caucus, show your support for a candidate, even VOTE! 

Now, there are current efforts that are being worked on as I type:

  • Voatz. Voatz is on a mission to make voting safer and more accessible. All citizens have a right to vote regardless of their circumstance.
  • Civic. We are giving businesses & individuals the tools to control and protect identities.
  • ePluribus. 2020 is around the corner...Speak up and stand out from bots!
  • YourBlock. Get a YourBlock ID to set up a secure personal vault and get access to premium products and services from our partners while staying private, earning and saving more

Here is what I am thinking. What if any one of these companies or a collaboration among them could create a platform that allows US Citizens an easy way to sign up and then do several things. Support candidates as they make their run or actually vote in the national election. I know that's a Herculean effort and won't happen or get adopted for the 2020 election but what if we ran a mock election right along side the real one? Let's see which is better? 

Build this system and then welcome citizens to let their voice be heard. No bots. No fakes. No Russians! Verified US Citizens, sharing their voice with a vote. Currently Andrew Yang is being blacked out by the media (not really because the media is covering him, just not the same as other candidates) and so in IOWA and other early states - it would be awesome to see folks show their support and let's see just how many people are for him? Do we need to have the Government run the election? I don't trust them but I would trust MATH! Let's let the Blockchain clearly show us who the American citizens would want to lead them into the 20s!  

Wishful thinking??? 


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