The Crypto Curator's Podcast List for 13 Dec 2019 - Sponsored by Delphi Digital

The Crypto Curator's Podcast List for 13 Dec 2019 - Sponsored by Delphi Digital

I love curating information. So I've decided to begin publishing a daily list of the most relevant podcast I am aware of. The following Podcast were published yesterday and today. If there is a podcast you'd like me to track, leave me a comment. If you listen to any of these - I'd love to hear your thoughts so leave a comment or connect with me on Twitter (@_Cryptocurator)

Defiance Podcast [Peter McCormack] - Ross Ulbricht And The Silk Road | Lyn Ulbricht
Stephan Livera [Stephan Livera] - Trace Mayer – Proof Of Keys, And Bitcoin’s Battle On Two Fronts
Chain Reaction [Tom Shaughnessy] - Matic’s Sandeep Nailwal: Leveraging Plasma To Top Other Layer-2 Scaling Projects
Untold Stories [Charlie Shrem] - Coinlist Co-Founder Andy Bromberg on the Downfall of the ICO, the Rise of Revolutionary Companies, & the Future of Tokens
Tales from the Crypt [Marty Bent & Matt Odell] - Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2019.12.09
Hashing It Out [Collin Cusce] - #68 – Sergi Delgado – Whatsat and Lightning
Crypto Voices [Matthew Mezinskis & Fernando Ulrich] - Show 82: Dave Chapman - BC Group & Bitcoin in Asia
Bitcoin Rapid Fire [John Vallis] - Gene Epstein: Austrian Economics, Soho Debates & Is BTC a 'store of value'?
Unhashed Podcast [Ruben, Mario, Bryan, & Colin] - Ep. 63 Deprecating Mike Hearn's "Features"
Unconfirmed [Laura Shin] - Larry Cermak of The Block on What 90% of Bitcoin Trading Is For
Crypto 101 [Bryce Paul & Mr. Pizza Mind] - Ep. 290 - Comparing the Internet's Past and Blockchain's Present, w/ SKALE Network's Jack O'Holleran
Crypto Entrepreneurs [Crypto Charles] - The Psychology of Cryptocurrency Trading with Trajan of Split Capital
The Cryptoconomy Podcast: [Guy Swann] - 328 - Under a HEX [Goldman Sats]
Layer1 [Dimitry, Mike, CryptoQ_1] - Brian Kerr - Kava, Brining DeFi to ALL of Crypto, Learning from MakerDAO, Building on Cosmos
The Break Down [Nathaniel Whittemore] - Regulatory smackdown, DeFi on Bitcoin, and Jack Dorsey’s protocol dreams
4 Minute Crypto [Gary Leland] - Tone Vays Says Its Time to Pray

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I've been aware of Bitcoin since 2011 and have methodically followed it daily. I pull together the most relevant news articles, blog post, videos, podcast, and social media mentions to create "Crypto Watch' a daily brief sent before 9AM EST.

The Crypto Curator
The Crypto Curator

I've been exposed to the world of crypto since 2011. Now I use my knowledge to curate the most relevant news articles, podcast, videos, blogs and social media information to help you be in the know in Crypto!

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