24 Mar: Can $28K Hold?

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It's Fridddaayyy Folks! Yesterday, the SEC has decided to bring the fight to Coinbase, Do Kwon is no longer on the run, and Telegram announce payments with USDT on the TRON network. Crypto Fear and Greed Index is at 61 up from 57 yesterday. So far Bitcoin is hanging out above $28K, can it hold? No news stories are trending but there is still a lot going on - let's drive into the news...

Trending News Topics:

  • Binance hiccups (5)
  • Do Kwon faces fraud charges (5)
  • Bitcoin hovers around $28K (3)


President Nayib Bukele to Make El Salvador New Crypto Hub, Binance CEO Joins; Eliminate Taxes.(3) Crypto Traders Should Be Attentive to 'De-Inversion' of Treasury Yield Curve.



Bitcoin Reclaims $28K After Enhanced Volatility as Bitcoin Liquidity Crisis Gets Worse.(3) Massive Bullish Catalyst for Bitcoin Looming As Accumulation Spikes, Says Galaxy Digital. The Countdown Begins: One Year to Go Before the Next Bitcoin Halving. Banking crisis fuels Bitcoin to surpass Visa and JPMorgan in market capitalization. Bitcoin's Sustained Bull Run Will Be Confirmed If It Closes Monthly Above or At $25K. Fed balance sheet adds $393B in two weeks — Will this send Bitcoin price to $40K? Bitcoin vs. Hyperinflation. Bitcoin bulls remain bullish, but macro and crypto-specific hurdles have BTC pinned below $30K.

Harnessing the Power of Bitcoin: Lightning Network Breaks Barriers for U.S.-Vietnam Money Transfer. Bitcoin Mining In Texas Remains Undeterred Amid Concerns Over Power Consumption. BlockFi to sell $4.7 million of physical mining assets amid bankruptcy.(2) Record-Breaking Bitcoin Hashrate Signals Strong Network Momentum as Price Hovers Above $28,000. Bitcoin Mempool Limit Nears Two-Year High on the Back of Ordinals Inscriptions Rejuvenation. Do You Believe in (Bitcoin) Magic? Improving Bitcoin NFT marketplace infrastructure sets the stage for ecosystem growth.

      WINNING: Famous Crypto Hater Peter Schiff May Buy Thousands of Bitcoin (BTC) for This Specific Reason

      OPINION: Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz Calls Bitcoin ‘A Report Card on Monetary Policy and Financial Stability.’ Bitcoin Mining Industry Is Well Positioned to Participate in a New Cycle: Bernstein. Bitcoin Will Be Stronger Despite Attacks From the US, Says HRF’s Executive Alex Gladstein. Peter Schiff admits Bitcoin buyers are right about inflation but not about crypto. A Sudden Onset of Hyperinflation: What Will Happen to Bitcoin? Bitcoin likely to outperform all crypto assets following banking crisis, analyst Mike McGlone explains. Crypto Pundits Romance the Hyperinflation and Dollar Death Narrative. Is It a Real Scare?

     HUMOR: Greenpeace war on Bitcoin unintentionally spawns 'badass' new mascot.(2)


Ethereum Price Rally To $2,000 On The Horizon, As Bears Show Weak Hands. Ethereum Foundation doubles bug bounty to half a million dollars as Shapella upgrade nears. Ethereum Scaling Solution zkSync Launches Alpha Mainnet. Ethereum Shapella Upgrade: Bug Bounty Doubled to $500k.


USDT issuer Tether has up to $1.7B in excess reserves, CTO Paolo Ardoino says. Stablecoins’ Market Capitalization Falls to Lowest Level in 18 Months, Data Shows. MakerDAO Votes to Retain USDC as Key DAI Reserve Amid SVB Crisis.(2) Bank profits at risk from potential CBDC transformation of global economy: Moody’s.

     OPINION: The world could be facing a dark future thanks to CBDCs. How Tether (USDT) Benefited from the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse.


XRP Traders Are Closing Their Longs but XRP Might Target $0.50 If It Continues To Trade Above This Level. Over 8 Million Native Assets Have Now Been Minted on Cardano.(2) Cardano (ADA) Price Growth Can Lean on Its DeFi Strength. Dogecoin (DOGE) Makes Slight 6% Climb This Week. Dogecoin (DOGE) Building Block Receives New Update.


Coinbase tapping into innovation-friendly Brazil amid US regulatory crackdown. Binance Temporarily Suspends Spot Trading; Bitcoin Dumps $700 Immediately.(5) Binance employees allegedly help customers in China bypass KYC controls; internal investigation launched. U.S. Banking Crisis Could Present an Opportunity for Some Crypto Exchanges: JPMorgan. A Three Arrows Capital Founder Kyle Davies Talks About His New Crypto Bankruptcy Exchange. Nasdaq to start offering crypto custody services in a few months.(3) Federal Reserve Says Custodia’s Crypto-Focused Business Model Is ‘Inconsistent’ With Approval; graded her an F.(4) Deutsche Bank Shares Plunge, Default Insurance Soars Amid More Banking Panic. German dwpbank to offer Bitcoin trading to 1,200 affiliate banks on new platform.(3)

OPINION: Bank Consolidation Threatens Freedom, Makes Case for Bitcoin


What comes next after Coinbase's Wells notice? Coinbase CEO says the SEC risks putting US financial system behind other countries. SEC Ramps Up War Against Crypto With New Investor Alert; is This Finally an Atomic Bomb From the SEC? Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong calls for action in electing pro-crypto lawmakers following SEC Wells notice. Crypto payment restrictions back on self-hosted wallets in final EU Parliament AML text. How Montana stands to benefit if its pro-crypto mining bill is approved.

     OPINION: Ripple CTO David Schwartz Challenges SEC to Clear Up Crypto Regulations. ‘Surgical removal’ of crypto will only weaken USD dominance, commentators say.


Ripple v. SEC case: Regulator files response to defendants’ letters. Ripple President Monica Long ‘Very Hopeful’ of a Win in SEC Lawsuit Against XRP, Predicts When Ruling Is Likely To Be Ready. Do Kwon faces fraud charges from US prosecutors hours after arrest.(5) Former SEC Branch Chief Explains Why U.S. Has Jurisdiction in Do Kwon Case. 3AC co-founder Kyle Davies can answer subpoena or 'take his chances' — US judge. Eversheds Sutherland Files for Property Rights Over FTX.com Customer Assets.

     OPINION: What a Ripple Victory in the Long-Running SEC Lawsuit Will Mean for Crypto Markets.


How Crypto Fugitives Evade the Authorities. Bitcoin From Defunct BTC-e on the Move Again. Defunct Swerve Finance still subject of $1.3 million live governance hack.(2)



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