Mar 2023: Tracking Crypto Projections

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I've noticed that Crypto media publish articles on Crypto strategist, analyst, and key figures. However, over the course of the last year, I've found that these folks (while I am sure they are trying) fall short on their projections, predictions, analysis, and outlook on what Bitcoin will do.

I've decided to begin tracking these articles and what they are saying to see how well they do. I will keep this updated daily and highlight trends as they develop. Check out last months projections.

Key Figures

Adam Back

Ari Paul

Arthur Hayes

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach $1,000,000 Amid Major Move From Central Banks, According To BitMEX Founder Arthur Hayes (TDH) [18]
  • Arthur Hayes Forecasts ‘Most Hated’ Bitcoin Rally Ever As Infinite Money Printing Ensues (TDH | Cryptoglobe | CryptoPotato) [20]


Chris Burniske

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Bullish for Former ARK Invest Crypto Expert (UToday | TDH | ZyCrypto) [07]
  • Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai De-Risks Staking, Expect More ETH Locked, Top Analyst Chris Burniske Says (UToday) [18]
  • Investor Who Called 2022 Crypto Bottom Says Beautiful Set Up Forming for Bitcoin (BTC) (TDH) [21]

Mark Yusko

  • Bitcoin Bull Season ‘Right Around the Corner,’ Says Crypto Hedge Fund Veteran Mark Yusko – May|Jun (TDH | Cryptoglobe) [04]

Martin S. (Buzzy) Schwartz

Matt Hougan

  • $1.3 Billion Digital Asset Management Firm Says Crypto Market Set for Largest Ever Bull Cycle  (Cryptoglobe) [03]

Max Keiser

  • Bitcoiner Max Keiser Doubles Down on $220,000 BTC Price Prediction: Details (UToday) [21]

Michael Novogratz

Nigel Green

Peter Brandt

  • Bitcoin Just Formed Rare Megaphone Pattern, Says Veteran Trader Peter Bandt – Here’s What It Means (TDH) [15]

Raoul Pal

  • Former Goldman Sachs Exec on Ethereum: ‘This Is the Fastest Growing Economy on Earth’  (Cryptoglobe | TDH) [07]
  • Macro Guru Raoul Pal ‘Really Bullish’ on Ethereum, Says Unexpected V-Shaped Melt up May Be Imminent (TDH) [14]
  • Macro Guru Raoul Pal Updates Outlook on Bitcoin, Predicts BTC Reaches $50,000 – This Year (TDH) [21]

Ryan Selkis

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Primed for Over 270% Explosion, Predicts Messari CEO Ryan Selkis – Hit 6-Figures in Next 12 month (TDH) [17]

Tim Draper

  • Bitcoin Will Soon Shatter $250,000 Per BTC, Says Billionaire Tim Draper – Here’s His Timeline (TDH) [15]

Tone Vays

  • Veteran Trader Tone Vays Forecasts Bitcoin (BTC) Breakout to $300,000 by 2025 or 2026(TDH) [06]
  • Bitcoin Has Very Likely Bottomed With Technicals Lining Up Perfectly, Says Trader Tone Vays – $30K-$35K (TDH) [14]
  • Veteran Trader Tone Vays Says He Does Not Want a Repeat of Bitcoin’s 2019 Parabolic Rally (TDH) [20]


Alex Kruger

  • Economist Alex Krüger Outlines ‘Picture Perfect Bullish’ Setup for Bitcoin As List of Indicators Signal Reversal (TDH) [14]

Henrik Zeberg

  • Economist Henrik Zeberg Sees Bitcoin (BTC) as Bullish Until This Happens (UToday) [15]


Altcoin Sherpa

  • Trader Warns Bitcoin Could Plunge Over 50% Before BTC Bottoms Out; After Rallying to $30K or Higher  (TDH) [16]
  • Top Analyst Predicts Ethereum Explosion After Bitcoin Rallies (TDH) [20]

Ben Cowen

  • Ethereum Far From Bottom of Bear Market – $750 (TDH) [01]
  • Over $460,000,000,000 in Bitcoin and Crypto Could Evaporate in Worst-Case Scenario (TDH) [11]
  • Analyst Says Evidence Suggests Bitcoin (BTC) Still Moves Lower Before New Bull Market (TDH) [13]
  • Realistic Scenario for Bitcoin Before Next Bull Market Is Trend Above $30K before going back to $20K (TDH) [20]


  • Ethereum: Prominent Crypto Analyst on the ‘Monster ETH Rally That’s Coming’ (TDH) [18]

Charles Edward

Credible Crypto

  • Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin in a Do-or-Die Situation, Warns of Crash if Vital BTC Support Level Crumbles (TDH) [10]
  • Crypto Strategist Forecasts Major Bitcoin Breakout, Says Latest BTC Rally Strong and Aggressive (TDH) [15]

Dave the Wave

  • Bitcoin Burst to All-Time High ‘Perfectly Feasible’ in 2023, According to Analyst Who Predicted Major BTC Crash (TDH) [06]


  • Strategist Believes once Traditional Markets Pop That Will Be The Next Massive BTC Rally (TDH) [04]
  • Trader Updates Crypto Outlook After BTC Slides Below $23,000 (TDH) [07]
  • Trader Says He’s Accumulating $XRP As Markets Retrace (TDH) [08]
  • Popular Cryptocurrency Analyst Who Predicts Crypto Market Recovery Starts Accumulating $XRP (TDH) [09]
  • Trader Reveals $19-20K is When He Will Turn ‘Very Very Bullish’ on BTC (TDH) [10]
  • Trader Says Bitcoin and Ethereum Primed for Massive Rally Following Strong Weekly Close (TDH) [14]
  • Trader Targets Bitcoin Breakout to $100,000 (TDH) [15]
  • Trader Says New Catalyst Unfolding for BTC (TDH) [17]
  • Trader Who Nailed Bitcoin 2022 Bottom Says BTC One Resistance Away From New All-Time High – Rally to $33K Then Correct To $27K (TDH) [20]


Gareth Soloway

  • Bitcoin Price Likely to See Low-End Target Of $9,000 — Chief Market Strategist Warns (ZyCrypto) [10]

Guy Turner


InvestAnswers (James)

Jason Pizzino

  • Here’s the Worst Case Scenario for Bitcoin (BTC) in the Short Term, According to Popular Crypto Analyst (TDH) [09]
  • Top Crypto Analyst Updates Outlook on Bitcoin (BTC), Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) – Here Are His Targets (TDH) [11]


  • Top Crypto Trader Says MATIC Primed for Reversal, Updates Outlook on Bitcoin (TDH) [08]
  • Top Crypto Trader Issues Bitcoin Warning, Says BTC Flashing Vibes of March 2020 Meltdown (TDH) [12]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Nowhere Near Finished Ripping, Says Top Crypto Trader – $40K in April (TDH) [14]

Kevin Svenson

  • Top Crypto Analyst Says Bitcoin Could Be Gearing Up for Parabolic Push – Here’s His Target (TDH) [21]

Michael van de Poppe

  • Top Analyst Updates Bitcoin Outlook As ‘Tons of Fear’ Creeps Through Crypto Markets (TDH) [03]
  • Crypto Trader Analyzes Bitcoin and Chainlink, Says Current Stress Test Is Better for the Long Run (TDH) [10]
  • Top Crypto Analyst Plots What’s Next for Bitcoin As BTC Breaks Through $26,000 (TDH) [17]

Mike McGlone

  • Bloomberg Strategist Mike McGlone Warns Interest Rate Hikes Could Drive Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Prices Down (TDH) [03]
  • This Analyst Reveals The Fed's Hawkish Inflation-curbing Strategy Is The Catalyst Of Crypto Prices Downturn (Bitcoinist) [04]
  • Bloomberg Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Undergoing Fundamental Paradigm Shift as US Banking System Faulters (TDH) [20]
  • Bloomberg Analyst Says Bitcoin Could Be Kicking Off New Supercycle As BTC Outperforms Gold (TDH) [21]

Miles Deutscher

  • Prominent Crypto Analyst on ‘5 Major Crypto Headwinds Alarming the Market Right Now’ (Cryptoglobe) [06]

Nicholas Merten

  • $ETH: Crypto Analyst Says Ethereum Price Could Go Down to ‘Just a Few Hundred Dollars’  (Cryptoglobe | TDH) [04]
  • The Fed Is About To Crash Bitcoin and Crypto Markets, Says Analyst Nicholas Merten – Here’s Why (TDH) [08]
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Facing Massive Headwinds Despite Ongoing Rally, Warns Crypto Analyst Nicholas Merten – Here’s Why (TDH) [18]


  • Bitcoin (BTC) Targeting $10,000,000 Amid Rapid Global Crypto Adoption, According to Quant Analyst PlanB (TDH) [04]


  • Top Analyst Says Bitcoin (BTC) Breakout Incoming As BTC Battles $25,000 (TDH) [16]

Smart Contracter

  • Crypto Analyst Who Nailed 2018 Bitcoin Bottom Issues Warning, Says BTC and One AI Altcoin To Dive Lower (TDH) [02]
  • Analyst Known for Calling Crypto Bottoms Issues Ethereum and BNB Warning, Says Easy Mode Over for Now (TDH) [07]
  • Crypto Analyst Leaning Bullish on ‘Obliterated’ Altcoins (TDH) [09]
  • ‘Monster’ Ethereum (ETH) Rally Incoming With Additional Altcoin Set To Outperform, Says Top Crypto Analyst (TDH) [18]
  • Analyst Predicts Breakout for Ethereum, Says Solana Primed for New Rallies (TDH) [21]


Willy Woo


Cantering Clark

Il Capo of Crypto

Jake Wujastyk

Justin Bennett

  • Here’s What’s Next for Bitcoin (BTC) After Sudden Drop, According to Popular Crypto Analyst (TDH) [04]
  • Is $30,000 the Next Stop for Bitcoin? Analyst Justin Bennett Updates Crypto Market Outlook – Here’s His Forecast (TDH) [16]


  • Top Crypto Analyst Issues Ethereum Warning, Says ETH Price Action Could Get Ugly (TDH) [05]

Machine Learning Algorithm

  • [$0.381] Machine learning algorithm sets XRP price for March 31, 2023: $0.356670 (Finbold) [01]
  • [$1,567] Machine learning algorithm sets ETH price for March 31, 2023: $1,529 (Finbold) [03]
  • [$0.074] AI predicts Dogecoin (DOGE) price for the end of 2023: $0.097 (Finbold) [07]
  • [$20.41] Machine learning algorithm sets Solana price for March 31, 2023: $19.20 (Finbold) [07]
  • [$0.320] Machine learning algorithm sets Cardano price for March 31, 2023: $0.3022 (Finbold) [08]

Crypto Community

  • [$21,726] Crypto community with 81% historical accuracy sets Bitcoin price for March 31, 2023: $21,192 (Finbold) [09]
  • [$0.369] Crypto Community Predicts $XRP Price Will Rise in March as XRP Ledger’s Use Cases Grow: $0.414 (Cryptoglobe) [03]
  • [$0.339] Cryptocurrency Community Expects Upward Cardano ($ADA) Price Movement in March: $0.3971 (Cryptoglobe) [04]
  • [$90.14] Crypto Community Gives Its Litecoin ($LTC) Price Prediction for March: $82.90 (Cryptoglobe) [04]

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