23 Mar: Crypto Sponsorships Exploding

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GEP TRUST: Avoid Crypto Taxes


Crypto sponsorships are off the chart. Yesterday, the NFL signaled that they welcome Crypto sponsors and that was followed by the news of Tennis champion Naomi Osaka inking a deal with FTX. Now, Crypto.com becomes the exclusive trading platform sponsor of FIFA World Cup! Bottom line - more people will be exposed to Digital Assets. 

I would never pay for my taxes with Bitcoin but the governor of Florida welcomes residents to do just that; not gonna get my Bitcoin baby. Meanwhile, Thailand is banning the use of Crypto for payment but still allows trading and investing. Cardano is getting the most news coverage of all assets since their TVL has hit $400MM and 23 pools have 1.5B staked in 12 hours.

The money keeps rolling in as BAYC is valued at $4B after raising $450MM, Worldcoin (creepy) is seeking to raise $100MM, and NEXO and Qualcomm have created funds; $150M and $100M respectively. Be sure to check out the Podcast of the Day as Stephan Livera talks with Lili about Bitcoin privacy.


  • Honduras’ Central Bank Debunks Bitcoin as Legal Tender Rumors (3)
  • Trading giant Jane Street backs NEAR-based lending protocol in new funding round
  • Do Kwon reveals plan to increase UST's bitcoin reserve to $3 billion & Terra (LUNA) Co-Founder Reveals Massive $3,000,000,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Purchase Is Already Underway
  • Meta files 8 trademark applications including crypto trading within the metaverse (2)


  • Ray Dalio, Sigma Males and the New Grindset
  • Young Ukrainian escapes war with USB stick holding 40% of his life savings in crypto
  • Satoshi Island’ crypto utopia receives 50K citizenship NFT applications
  • Ripple Expands Operations into Middle East as Partner Bank Opens
  • Figure sets out plans to launch crypto-backed mortgages
  • Florida governor Ron DeSantis says the state will accept bitcoin for tax payments (6)
  • El Salvador postpones Bitcoin bonds to September: Report (2) | Demand for El Salvador’s Bitcoin (BTC) Bonds Oversubscribed by $500,000,000: Report
  • CryptoCom Becomes The Exclusive Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Sponsor of the FIFA World Cup (5)
  • XRP Lawsuit Settlement Could Be Right Around the Corner, According to Crypto Legal Expert – Here’s Why


  • Tether (USDT) Is Hinting at Big Moves Coming for Crypto, According to Analytics Firm – Here’s Why
  • Clearpool Mainnet Launch Promises Unsecured Liquidity for Investors
  • Investment Bank Cowen Launches Digital Unit, Aims to Compete With Bulge-Bracket Firms (3)

Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow (S2F) Model: What You Need to Know


  • Here’s why Bitcoin bulls will defend $42K ahead of Friday’s $3.3B BTC options expiry
  • Bitcoin Holds Support Above $40K; Initial Resistance at $46K
  • $2.5 Billion in Bitcoin ($BTC) Move off Exchanges, Suggesting Potential for ‘Significant’ Price Rise
  • 222 BTC Bought by Top Whale as Bitcoin Returns to $42K
  • Fidelity Launches Bitcoin Tracker Stocks
  • Bitcoin Futures Hint at Potential Price Increase: Bloomberg
  • Bitcoin dips 3.6% from weekly highs — What are the key BTC price levels to watch?
  • Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Indicators Give Bullish Signal That Previously Preceded 40% Spike
  • TA: Bitcoin Steadies Above $42K, What Could Spark More Upsides
  • Bitcoin's Correlation to S&P 500 Hits 17-Month High
  • $43K BTC flipping support? Not anytime soon, according to derivative metrics
  • Why Has Bitcoin Futures Open Interest Flatlined? Factors
  • Bitcoin bulls take aim at $45K while some analysts warn of possible correction


  • Ethereum Indicates Accumulation Pattern per This Metric, Data Shows
  • Ethereum Tweets Reach All Time High
  • Massive Ethereum outflow continues as $450 million leaves exchanges in a day
  • First Mover Americas: Ether Options Shed Bearish Skew for First Time in 2 Months, ETH/BTC Ratio Eyes Big Move
  • FTX and CoinShares launch physical staked Solana ETP (2)
  • ‘Escape Velocity’—Huge Ethereum Upgrade Could See Its Price Leave Bitcoin, BNB, XRP, Cardano, Solana, Luna And Avalanche In The Dust
  • Why Ethereum Is Outperforming Bitcoin Again
  • Ether Prices Have Been Hovering Near $3,000—What's Next For The Digital Asset?
  • LUNA to Spike 80%? Here’s What Analysts Think
  • Cardano Developers Successfully Finish Critical Network Update As ADA Bounces
  • Cardano is back trading above 50-day EMA; Bullish breakthrough in play?
  • $ADA On The Cusp Of Breaking New Highs As Cardano TVL Hits Record $400 Million (2)
  • 23 Cardano Pools Stake 1.5 Billion $ADA in 12 Hours, Metadata Points to Coinbase Subsidiary (2)
  • Dogecoin Getting Ready for Rally as It Breaks This Resistance
  • Dogecoin Now Accepted by Manhattan Dental Firm
  • Roger Ver's Bitcoin.com to Launch ETH-Based VERSE Token: Details
  • Loopring’s LRC Up 34% on Beta Release of GameStop NFT Marketplace (2)
  • FTX Token (FTT) Breaks Out From Bullish Pattern
  • Fetch.ai (FET) gains 43% after $150M development fund and Cosmos IBC announcement



  • Kaleo: Cardano, Terra, Dogecoin and One Ethereum-Based Altcoin Looking Strong as ‘Mini Altseason’ Approaches
  • IntoTheBlock: $5,860,000,000 Worth of Ethereum (ETH) Torched Since Hard Fork Upgrade
  • Gareth Soloway: Expert trader says crypto market is due for a DotCom-type washout
  • Altcoin Sherpa: Analyst Predicts Epic Rallies for New Ethereum-Based Crypto Asset and Top ETH Competitor


  • Charles Hoskinson: Cardano's Adoption - "Millions of Tokens, Thousands of dApps"
  • Tadas Maurukas: Exclusive: Blockchain Centre CEO says cryptocurrency will render some bank services ‘irrelevant’
  • Robert Kiyosaki: “Rich Dad” author says Bitcoin is ‘people’s money,’ while Gold – ‘god’s money’
  • Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum was not Made for Bored Apes
  • Michael Chobanian: Ukrainian Crypto Exchange Founder says Binance is Supporting Putin


  • What is Optimism? Using Rollups to Help Scale Ethereum


  • DEXs and KYC: A match made in hell or a real possibility?
  • Coinbase Cloud launches Avalanche developer tools suite (2)
  • FTX takes center stage at long-running futures conference in Boca Raton
  • Crypto Exchange Kraken’s New CFO Previously Paid $65,000 Penalty For Charges Related To Misleading Investors And Breaching Fiduciary Duty. She Admitted No Guilt


  • The Future of Mining Finance: Time to Get Creative
  • Mining Industry Not That Worried by SEC’s Proposed New Climate Reporting Rules
  • The State of Bitcoin and Ethereum Mining in 10 Charts
  • The Rise of Illegal Crypto Mining Hijackers – And Big Tech’s Response
  • Why Do Old-Line Businesses Enter Crypto Mining? Simple: Fat Profits
  • Maple Finance Originates $1B of Loans in 10 Months
  • US Bitcoin mining firm turns to harmful coal waste for cleaner energy (2)
  • New York's revamped crypto mining moratorium is not a ban, but it is moving forward



  • Russian Lawmaker Proposes Digital Ruble to Dodge Western Sanctions
  • UK, US Regulators Call for ‘High Levels’ of Global Collaboration in Overseeing DeFi
  • MiCA Could Still Be Delayed by EU Parliamentarians Over Proof-of-Work Provision
  • Fed Chair Outlines Risks Associated With Cryptocurrencies, Urges for New Regulations
  • Thailand Bans Use Of Crypto As A Means Of Payment… But There’s A Crucial Silver Lining (7)
  • Indian Superstar Amitabh Bachchan Pays Up After Tax Authorities' Action On Platform Hosting His NFTs
  • India’s Proposed Crypto Tax Rules Likely to Become Law Thursday (2)
  • India’s Crypto Industry Fears Proposed Tax Rules Will Increase ‘Brain Drain’
  • Does India Need a Crypto Regulator? Industry Players Give their Opinions
  • UK’s ASA Issued Warnings Against Over 50 Crypto Companies, Including Coinbase
  • Ireland’s central bank follows UK's example in warning of crypto advertisements


  • Controversial ICO Promoter Floyd Mayweather Returns Again to Bruising World of Crypto and NFTs
  • MoonPay, Startup Known for Celeb NFT Buys, Adds Obama-Era Money Laundering Watchdog
  • SportsIcon to Open Metaverse Where Athletes Can Interact With Fans
  • PUBG Publisher Krafton Partners With Solana Labs (2)
  • Amazon Has Launched its Metaverse Game, Will Cryptocurrencies Follow?
  • The dreaming: Indigenous Australians are making an embassy in the Metaverse
  • Why Big Brands Won't Rule Fashion in the Metaverse
  • CryptoPunks’ Sales Volume Plunges to 8-Month Low
  • Japan's social media giant Line to launch NFT marketplace (2)
  • Animoca Brands targets social media giants in latest Web3 expansion plans
  • Play-to-Earn Crypto Games Becoming a Popular Income Booster in Argentina
  • How NFTs create a 'beautiful cycle' between artists and fans
  • Twitter Launches Verified NFT Profile Pictures
  • NFT Band Debuts With Singer Kiesza on Ellen Degeneres Show
  • G2 Esports Files Lawsuit Against Bondly Over Scrapped NFTs on Polygon


  • Chainlink launches startup program to provide blockchain resources to early-stage projects
  • Former a16z General Partner Katie Haun Raises $1.5 Billion to Invest in Crypto and Web3 (3)
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club Now Valued at $4B After Funding Round (4)
  • Acala announces $250 million fund to fuel adoption of aUSD stablecoin on Polkadot (2)
  • Former Polychain Partner Charts Radical Course for New $125M Venture Fund
  • Nexo To Launch $150M Web3 Investment Fund (2)
  • Eye-Scanning Crypto Project Worldcoin Set for $100 Million Raise: Report (2)
  • Chip supplier Qualcomm creates $100 million metaverse investment fund (2)
  • DeFi Trading Platform prePO Nabs $2.1M in Strategic Round (2)
  • Fintech Firm Mogo Forms Ventures Unit to Manage Its Mostly Crypto-Related Investments


  • Solana Stablecoin Project Cashio Plummets to $0 After Multi-Million Dollar Hack (6)
  • Marvel NFT partner Veve closes its NFT marketplace after an in-app token exploit (2)


  • Stephan Livera Podcast: SLP358 Lili - Bitcoin Privacy for Beginners
  • The Pomp Podcast: #878 Is a Bitcoin Supply Squeeze Underway? w/ Dylan LeClair
  • The Breakdown: How Ray Dalio’s ‘Changing World Order’ Thesis Fits With Bitcoin
  • On The Brink: Jon Birnbaum (Domain Money) on Increasing Access for Retail Investors

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