23 Jun: Never Going To Zero

“There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying
about things which are beyond the power of our will.


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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Linda Listen, Bitcoin is NEVER EVER EVER going to ZERO; got it? Max Raskin, NYU Professor of Law, said it and Michael Saylor has said it in addition to the fact that Bitcoin will out last us all (ie. you will be dead before Bitcoin is dead.) Bitcoin will survive a global economic crisis and might even be at the bottom of this cycle and up is the new direction. 

Even the Bank of England is saying Crypto crash survivors could grow to rival Amazon. Meanwhile, Ethereum continues to struggle while it awaits the merge to PoS; same with Cardano. Stablecoins continue to grow and currently occupied 3 positions in the top 10: USDT, USDC, BUSD. An oldie but a goodie has returned to the scene: Murad Mahmudov and he thinks the bottom is in as well - even Ben Cowen is saying the bottom is near.

It appears the ProShares short ETF was a nothing burger so far, UofC is teaching Bitcoin, and the RFIA has been placed on GitHub to get comments. 


  • Bank of England says crypto crash survivors could grow to rival Amazon (Finbold)


  • CoinFLEX halts withdrawals amid 'extreme market conditions' (TBUToday | Blockworks)
  • Voyager Digital cuts withdrawal amount as 3AC contagion ripples through DeFi and CeFi (Cointelegraph | BM)


  • One-third of Surveyed Gold Buyers View Bitcoin as the Better Bet (Blockworks)
  • On the brink of recession: Can Bitcoin survive its first global economic crisis? (Cointelegraph)
  • Bitcoin Trading Volume Nears One-Year Highs As Volatile Market Continues (Bitcoinist)


  • Majority of Bitcoin Indicators Are Saying Bottom Is In (UToday)
  • TA: Bitcoin Could Restart Increase If The Bulls Clear $20,800 (NewsBTC)
  • $BTC: NYU Law Professor Explains Why “Bitcoin Isn’t Going Away” (Cryptoglobe)


  • 'Foolish' to deny Bitcoin price can go under $10K — analysis (Cointelegraph)
  • Crypto Crash: Could Bitcoin Ever Drop Below Zero Like What Happened With Oil? (BIC)


  • TA: Ethereum Consolidates Below $1,100: What Could Trigger Sharp Decline (NewsBTC)


  • Ripple Opens Its First Office in Canada (Cryptoglobe)


  • Tether To Work With UK Regulators for Launch of New Stablecoin Pegged to British Pound (TDH)
  • Stablecoin Dominance Hits All-Time High as Crypto Winter Deepens (CryptoPototao)



  • David Puell: Bitcoin hodler data hints BTC price 'really close' to bottom — analysts (Cointelegraph)
  • Murad Mahmudov: Hero of 2018 Crypto Bearmarket Returns and Provides Bitcoin Chart No One Expected (UToday)
  • Benjamin Cowen: On-Chain Indicator Suggests Bitcoin (BTC) Bottom Is Near With Fresh Accumulation Phase Underway (TDH)


  • Crypto Capo: Analyst Who Predicted Bitcoin Crash Far in Advance Forecasts Imminent Crypto Market Shift (TDH)


  • Philip Hammond: Ex-Chancellor says The UK Should Catch up With Crypto if it Wants to Lead (CryptoPotato | Cointelegraph)
  • Mark Mobius: Bitcoin Is a Leading Indicator for Stock Indexes, Says Legacy Investor (CryptoPotato)
  • CZ: Bitcoin Could Chart New All-Time High in up to 2 Years; No bailouts (CryptoPotato | UToday | Bitcoinist)
  • Michael Saylor: CEO of World’s Largest Public Holder of $BTC: ‘Bitcoin Is Going To Outlast All of Us’ (Cryptoglobe)
  • Seth Klarman: Billionaire Seth Klarman sees no point of crypto, says no one needs to own it (Finbold | UToday)



  • Crickets on day 1, but Proshares short Bitcoin ETF volume up 380% on day 2 (Cointelegraph)



  • Crypto Mining: The Ways The Industry is Going Green (BIC)
  • Aspen Creek Digital’s first solar Bitcoin mining plant goes live (Finbold)
  • Bitcoin miner Crusoe acquires electrical manufacturer Easter-Owens (TB)
  • Bitcoin Miners Contributing To BTC Crash? New Report Sheds Light (NewsBTC)
  • Buy Bitcoin or start mining? HashWorks CEO points to ‘attractive investment yield’ in BTC mining (Cointelegraph)


  • GitHub users respond with 'Bitcoin bill' idea to Gillibrand-Lummis bill (Cointelegraph)


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