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19 Aug: Low, Low, Low, Low

Disclaimer: If you take anything I post as financial advice that's on you boo! I curate news information daily (with the knowledge I've acquired since 2011) to provide you a view of what is happening around the Digital Asset space. If YOU decided to buy, hold, or trade Digital Assets as a result of reading what I've posted, that is YOUR decision and this isn't advice. You should discuss any investments with your financial advisor and if you don't have one, find one. 

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
- Viktor Frankl

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It's Fridayyyy Folks! Kroger ain't got nothing on Bitcoin. Bitcoin and Ethereum plunge significantly as $550MM in Crypto liquidation happens. On Wed I said, if it "closed below $23.5K (and it did), back to $20K we go" and it looks like we are headed that direction. Pricing action is the most covered news today - yesterday the news about CME group launching options on ETH futures was the most covered. 

Cardano continues to get the most attention from all the other top 10 digital assets on CoinMarketCap, as it plunges but popular Stake Protocol Operators (SPO) says it's impossible to stop Cardano. 

CeFi Contagion continues as the bankruptcy expert says the consumer business is dead for Celsius and Tom Emmer says the US Treasury sanctions on Tornado Cash are "unprecedented." FTX flags more privacy tools and the exchanges themselves are still battling how to handle TC transactions. Yesterday, Jesse Powell of Kraken said he's be forced to and Brian Armstrong of Coinbase said he's rather shutdown than to sanction. 

Lots of effort continue to be put into regulation around the globe and if you are in Malaysia watch out for Bitcoin notifications on your mobile if you use Tune Talk - it's a scam!  Make sure you check out the podcast because they are good! 


  • Steve Cohen Taps Hacker ‘Acidphreak’ as First Trader for Crypto Startup (Blockworks)



  • Ethereum Devs Confirm Previously Announced Merge Date (UToday)
  • Staked Ethereum Hits New All-Time Highs Ahead Of The Merge (Bitcoinist)


  • Price analysis 8/19: BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, ADA, SOL, DOGE, DOT, SHIB, AVAX (Cointelegraph)
  • Cardano (ADA) Faces Massive Plunge, What's Happening? (UToday)
  • Cardano Faces Pressure from Whales, But in Most "Unlikely" Way (UToday)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE) Pump Once Again Indicates Collapse of Crypto Market (UToday)
  • Dogecoin Gets Hit Hardest Among Top 10 Coins in Market Sell Off (Decrypt)
  • New Tether Auditor Confirms Slashing of Commercial Paper Holdings (Coindesk | EWN | TB | Cointelegraph)


  • Capo: Bitcoin ‘very bearish’ below $22.5K says trader as BTC price dives 6% (Cointelegraph)
  • Guy: Top Ethereum Rival Could Explode by 100%, Beating Other Large-Cap Altcoins, According to Coin Bureau (TDH)
  • Popular SPO: Explains Why ‘It Is Impossible To Stop Cardano’ (Cryptoglobe | Cryptoglobe | UToday | Cryptoglobe)
  • Lennix Lai: Crypto expert warns of ‘domino effect akin to the 2008 Wall Street crash’ as Bitcoin plummets (Finbold)


  • Charles Hoskinson: Cardano Founder Shares His Opinion on "Catastrophically Broken" Testnet (UToday | Finbold | Bitcoinist)


  • Merkle trees vs. Verkle trees, Explained (Cointelegraph)
  • Cardano network adds 5 smart contracts daily as Vasil upgrade edges closer (Finbold)


  • Crypto Lender Celsius' Collapse Into Bankruptcy Should Be Probed, US Says (Coindesk | Blockworks | TDH)
  • ‘Consumer Business Is Dead’ for Crypto Lender Celsius, Bankruptcy Expert Says (Coindesk)
  • FTX Flags More Privacy Tools After Tornado Cash Sanctions (Blockworks)
  • US Treasury's Tornado Cash Sanctions Are ‘Unprecedented’, Warns Congressman (Coindesk)
  • Hodlnaut cuts 80% of staff, applies for Singapore judicial management (Cointelegraph | EWN | Coindesk | BIC | Blockworks)
  • Do Kwon: “I Think I Should Have Known the Risks of UST Much Better” (Blockworks)


  • Crypto Custodian Copper to Connect to Solana for DeFi Access (Coindesk)
  • Crypto Exchange Gemini Offering Staking Support for Investors (Coindesk)
  • Can exchanges create imaginary Bitcoin to dump price? Crypto platform exec answers (Cointelegraph)


  • Bitcoin miners sell 6,000 BTC taking advantage of the short-lived upturn (Finbold)
  • SBI lost 40% of hash rate after stopping mining in Russia: Data (Cointelegraph)


  • As SEC Leans on Enforcement to Regulate, Crypto Lawyers Study Every Word (Coindesk)
  • CFTC Commissioner: Crypto Market Needs Clear Guidelines on Its Regulator (Coindesk)
  • SEC Doubles Down on Bid Blocking Ripple From Obtaining Evidence in XRP Lawsuit (TDH)
  • FDIC Accuses FTX US of Making Misleading Statements (Blockworks | TB)


  • Tune Talk users receive ‘Bitcoin investment’ notifications as app gets compromised (Finbold)
  • Silicon Valley tech worker loses over $1 million to crypto scam (Finbold)
  • Indian police seek BitConnect founder in probe involving almost $5 million in Bitcoin (Finbold)


  • Bitcoin Magazine: Navigating Government Control Of Bitcoin w/ Mathew Pines
  • The Scoop: Policy Scoop with Aislinn Keely - Grayscale CLO on taking their bitcoin ETF rejection to the courts
  • On The Brink: Weekly Roundup 08/19/22 (Treasury Activated Soft Fork, Coinbase vs Vitalik, do BTC miners censor?)
  • Bankless: ROLLUP: Tornado Cash Fallout | Ethereum Merge Updates | $350m a16z Flow Buy | Sudoswap NFTs
  • The Pomp Podcast: #1078 Sergej Kotliar On Why Bitcoin Is Not Close To Global Adoption
  • Decrypt Daily: Aug 18: Capital Flow Post ETH Merge
  • The Wolf Of All Streets: Can The Ethereum Merge Spark A New Bull Market? Raoul Pal, Anthony Scaramucci and Mark Yusko
  • Bitcoin Audible: Read_644 - A Look at the Lightning Network - Part 1 [Lyn Alden]
  • Stephan Livera Podcast: SLP407 Ben Arc LNbits: Account System & Extensions for your Lightning Node

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