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18 Aug: Bitcoin Bouncing

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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Bitcoin is flirting with $23.5K after the slight pullback; bouncing back up and currently trading around $23.5K. Meanwhile, the EU deals with the highest inflation in history. The broader Crypto market appears to be recovering as well. Cardano investment products are now available to clients of major German banks; so keep watching Cardano it could surprise to the upside. Solana TVL continues to grow despite hacks. DOGE is exploding, and SHIB is up too; folks just can't resist the meme coins can they?

Analyst are mix with some bullish while others are bearish. Continued drama in Crypto as Ripple's CTO lashes back at Vitalik Buterin. Acceptance continues to grow around the globe but I still am not convinced that anyone with a sound mind would use Bitcoin in a developed nation to buy anything. Now Ukraine buying weapons with it from donations sure. 

Cross border payments continue to adopt Digital Assets as Ripple's network to move money between Japan and Thailand. Bitcoin mining firms continue to struggle as the price of Bitcoin remains low. But as always things are better in Texas as mining shift to renewable energy. Sentaor Pat Toomey continues to be a stanch supporter of Digital Assets. Check out the Podcast below and keep an eye on this blog as I update it through out the day.


  • BlackRock, Google and Morgan Stanley Investing Billions Into Blockchain and Crypto Technology: Report (TDH)


  • Bitcoin price heads above $23.5K after highest EU inflation in history (Cointelegraph | BIC | NewsBTC)
  • Bitcoin’s short-term price uptrend under threat as the bulls fade (Finbold)
  • Bitcoin (BTC) on-Chain Analysis: MVRV Confirms Bottom With Increase Back to Positive Territory (BIC)
  • TA: Ethereum Could Take Hit As The Bulls Show Weak Hands (NewsBTC)
  • Massive Crypto Fund Transfer Spotted from Binance Wallets; Here's Destination (UToday)
  • Ethereum price is on pace to decline relative to Bitcoin for the first time in 7 weeks (Finbold)
  • TA- Ethereum ETH Shows Bearish Signs, Eyes $1,700 As Nearest Support (NewsBTC)
  • Bitcoin 'liveliness' lowest since 2021 amid new 5-year BTC hodl record (Cointelegraph)
  • Pushing Bitcoin to become more scalable with zero-knowledge proofs (Cointelegraph)


  • Cardano Investment Products Now Available to Clients of Major German Banks (UToday)
  • Cardano Reaches Bullish Milestone In Positive Sentiments — Where Is ADA Price Headed Next? (ZyCrypto)
  • Deep learning algorithm predicts Cardano to trade above $2 by the end of August (Finbold)
  • Solana TVL Soars by $600 Million Despite Hacking Incidents (BIC)
  • Solana Could Crash by Over 35% After Failed Breakout, Says Crypto Analyst (TDH)
  • Dogecoin About To Explode? DOGE Mimicking Bitcoin Prior to BTC’s Massive 2019 Rally, Says Crypto Trader (TDH)
  • Shiba Inu, Dogecoin Up Double-Digits Over the Week (Decrypt)
  • Meme Stocks are Back — And They’ve Brought Dogecoin and Shiba Inu (Blockworks)
  • Tether Hires Accounting Firm BDO Italia For Stablecoin Reserves, Adds Monthly Reports (Decrypt)
  • Tether Fires MHA Cayman as Attestation Provider (BIC | Coindesk)


  • US Trustee moves to appoint examiner in Celsius bankruptcy case (TB)


  • Jesse Powell: Kraken CEO Says Crypto Exchange Will Be Forced To Freeze Funds Coming From Tornado Cash (TDHFinbold)


  • Jurrien Timmer: Fidelity’s Director of Global Macro: ‘Reasonable To View Bitcoin As Cheap at These Levels’ (Cryptoglobe | UToday)
  • Peter Brandt: Legendary Trader Peter Brandt Says Bitcoin (BTC) Forming Bearish Pattern – But There’s a Catch (TDH)
  • InvestAnswers: Analyst Says Cardano Could Be Ready To Outperform Ethereum As ‘Reliable’ Indicator Flashes Bitcoin Bottom Signal (TDH)
  • Altcoin Sherpa: Here’s What’s Next for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin and a Leading Dogecoin Rival, According to Crypto Trader (TDH)


  • David Schwartz: Ripple CTO lashes back at Vitalik Buterin for his dig on XRP (Cointelegraph | UToday)
  • Dan Eskow: Vet Recruiter says Crypto and Wall Street ‘Don’t Speak the Same Language’ (Blockworks)
  • Ghada Waly: Controlling crypto use can make the internet safer, says UN executive (Finbold)
  • Brian Armstrong: Coinbase would rather shut down staking than enable on-chain censorship (Cointelegraph | Coindesk | BIC)
  • Vitalik Buterin: Take On Possible Ethereum Censorship By OFAC (Bitcoinist)


  • Australia’s leading gas station chain will now accept crypto for fuel at 170 locations (Finbold | Cointelegraph)
  • A16z-backed Real Estate Firm to Dabble in Crypto: Report (Blockworks)
  • Bitcoin Is Now Accepted In This Popular Resort In The Maldives (Bitcoinist)
  • Ukraine Buys New Batch Of Weapons To Fight Russia Using $60 Million Crypto Donations (Bitcoinist | Blockworks | BIC)
  • Got Bitcoin? Sprawling $5,995,000 Connecticut Home for Sale in BTC and Additional Crypto Assets (TDH)


  • Ripple, SBI Remit Join Hands to Enable Real-Time Payments Between Japan and Thailand (CryptoPotato)




  • Pushing Bitcoin to become more scalable with zero-knowledge proofs (Cointelegraph)
  • Ethereum Decentralization at Great Risk as Amazon Hosts 52% of All Nodes at Data Centers: Messari (UToday)
  • $XRP: Brazil’s Travelex Bank Becomes First Bank in Latin America to Use Ripple’s ODL (Cryptoglobe | Coindesk)
  • Prominent Cardano Developer Says Testnet Is "Catastrophically Broken" (UToday)
  • $ADA: Latest News About Upcoming Cardano-Powered Metaverse ‘Cardalonia’ ($LONIA) (Cryptoglobe)


  • Bitcoin Mining Hardware Firm Canaan Sees 'Prolonged Headwinds' After Challenging Quarter (Coindesk | Cointelegraph | Coindesk)
  • 'There's a lot less land to go around' — why White Rock established off-the-grid mining in Texas (Cointelegraph)
  • Ethereum Miners To Freeze Liquidity Pool After Hard Fork (Bitcoinist
  • Bitcoin mining difficulty rises by 0.63% (TB)
  • US lawmakers eye environmental impact of crypto mining (TB | Cointelegraph | Coindesk)
  • Why The Bitcoin Hashrate Has Barely Moved Since May (Bitcoinist)
  • Bitcoin mining stock report: Thursday, August 18 (TB)


  • Senator asks FDIC about allegations it discourages bank relations with crypto companies (Cointelegraph)
  • Why the U.S. Extradited This Alleged Russian Crypto Money Launderer (Bitcoinist | BIC | TB)


  • The Breakdown: The Macroeconomic Signals Have Rarely Been This Confusing
  • What Bitcoin Did: Fractional Reserve, Base Money & Bitcoin with Matthew Mežinskis
  • Bitcoin Audible: Read_643 - Bitcoin and the True Meaning of Inflation [Steven Lubka]
  • Unchained: The Chopping Block: Did OFAC Overstep by Sanctioning Tornado Cash?
  • Decrypt Daily: Aug 17: It Looks Really Bad for Celsius CEO
  • Bankless: Is The Merge Priced In? with Hal Press & Ryan Berckmans

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