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17 Mar: Bitcoin Blastoff!

"I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.."
 –Winston Churchill

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It's Frriiddaaayyy Folks! Yesterday, the attack on Bitcoin and Crypto it appeared that the attack on Crypto was increasing but like everything else, what is initially reported normally isn't the full story. Ethereum Shanghai upgrade comes into focus with an April 12th date and today Bitcoin is blasting off once again. I said on my show yesterday that the general sentiment is quite bullish. Let's look at the news for today...

Trending News Topics:

  • Bitcoin Blast Off (8)
  • Coinbase Going Abroad (7)
  • BitGo Wallet Vulnerability (4)


Crypto prices continue to climb despite market uncertainty. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Argues US Is Lagging Behind As ‘Interesting Developments’ Are Happening in the Crypto Asset Space. Crypto market cap reclaims $1T, and derivatives point to further upside.


Bitcoin Tops $26,000 as Market Sentiment Turns Risk-On and $28K is the next target; 9 Month High with $150M in Liquidations.(8) Bitcoin is beating Warren Buffett’s 'crypto bet' in 2023. Bitcoin miner Marathon sees Q4 revenue decline 58% to $28.4 million.(2) Betting on turmoil: Deribit launches Bitcoin volatility futures. Bitcoin options reach highest point since 2021 amid banking crisis. Ethereum Maintains Bullish Form As Developer Confirms Date For Shanghai Upgrade.

OPINION: “Buy the F***ing Pivot:” Arthur Hayes on Bank Bailouts and Bitcoin’s “Endgame”


$USDC depeg will hinder stablecoins’ growth, increase regulatory scrutiny: Moody’s.


BNB Price Surges Over 20% in a Week And Rally Seems Far From Over.(2) Cardano ($ADA) TVL Up Over 82% Since Start of 2023 As Cardano DeFi Grows in Popularity. Cardano to Receive Fundamental Update.(3)



Coinbase Looks for a New Home Offshore as US Crackdowns on Crypto Increase.(7)


US lawmaker Sen. Michael Bennet suggests Signature’s collapse was tied to instability of crypto. FDIC Denies Report Signature Bank Purchaser Must Divest Crypto. Big Banks Help Stabilize First Republic With $30 Billion Cash Injection. Collapse of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank represent a challenge for crypto. Former Belgian Finance Minister Calls for Crypto Ban in Wake of Banking Crisis. Silicon Valley Bank's Parent Company Files for Bankruptcy.(2) US Bank collapse - was crypto being targeted?

OPINION: Bitcoin Is a Clear Winner of the U.S. Banking Crisis. This Crisis Will Define the Future of Money. Banking crisis: What does it mean for crypto? Former NY Regulator: Crypto Isn't the Reason Why Signature Bank Was Closed.


Crypto assets to become a separate category in UK tax forms.

OPINION: ‘If a government bans drugs, it should also ban crypto’ — Belgium’s former finance minister Johan Van Overtveldt. 


Ripple CTO David Schwartz Defends FTX Promoters.

OPINION: How Effective Altruism Power Brokers Helped Make Sam Bankman-Fried


Wallet Tied to Euler Exploit Sends 100 Ether to Lazarus Group. Euler Finance hacked despite 10 audits in 2 years, says CEO Michael Bentley. Fireblocks reported vulnerability, now patched, in BitGo TSS wallets.(4)



Podcast of the Day: Jim Bianco on Why the Banking System Has Always Been Broken  | Unchained

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