15 Jun: Weekend News


Price: $66,555 | Last Year: $25,575

"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light." -Aristotle Onassis

Over $200 Million in liquidations as Bitcoin has fallen to one-month lows, and traders are ready with their BTC price targets. The aggregate cost price of various hodlers is now coming into play as fears rise of a return below $60,000. However, data shows that the Taker Buy Sell Ratio on the HTX cryptocurrency exchange has surged to 545, signaling robust buy pressure.There are over $2 billion worth of Bitcoin short liquidations, with smaller—but still relevant—pools going as high as $73,000. Therefore, the $72,000 to $73,000 zone becomes a likely target in the case of a short squeeze.

Seasoned trader Peter Brandt is expressing bearish sentiment on Bitcoin (BTC) as the flagship crypto asset’s price hovers about 10% below the all-time high reached three months ago. Data shows that traders on social media have been calling to buy during the latest Bitcoin dip below $66,000, a sign that FOMO is active in the market. On chain analyst Willy Woo says Bitcoin OGs, or early, long-term BTC holders, are heavily unloading their stacks. CryptoQuantweekly report, analysts revealed that the number of BTC sent from Bitcoin mining entities to exchanges has reached a two-month high amid a decline in their revenues due to lower transaction fees; could these be the same OGs? Probably so. Ali Martinez believes that Bitcoin’s average mining cost is currently $86,668. Historically, Bitcoin has consistently surged above this crucial level, providing a strong bullish indicator for the cryptocurrency.

The Bank for Private Investment in El Salvador will “diversify the financing options” available to investors in both Dollars and Bitcoin. The Australian Securities Exchange has approved the VanEck Bitcoin ETF to start trading on June 20. Financial advisors cautious on Bitcoin ETFs, mostly bought by self-directed investors and advisors focus on fiduciary duty, conducting thorough risk analysis and due diligence says, Samara Epstein Cohen BlackRock's CIO.

Deutsche Telekom via T-Mobile announced that they will begin to mine Bitcoin at BTC Prague; are you ready? Mining execs establish organization to influence US crypto voters. Home miners may benefit from NiceHash and MARA collaboration.

There is a big divergence in sentiment so be very careful right now folks - which way will this market move is anyone's guess!

Altcoin Daily - Bullish Sentiment

Alessio Rastani - Bearish Sentiment

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Ethereum ($ETH) has once again captured the spotlight with its recent price movements and the emergence of a bullish pattern on its charts.

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas says his “best guess as of now” is that spot Ether ETFs will begin trading in the United States before July 2. Ethereum HODLers scoop up 298,000 ETH in 24 ahead of Spot ETF trading



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