14 Sep: You Won't Believe This!

"It is easy to sit up and take notice, What is difficult is getting up and taking action."
–Honore de Balzac

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Welcome to Thursday Folks! Yesterday, Telegram integrated TON and the token price jumped, Lazarus Group was behind the CoinEx hack, and Binance.US lost it's CEO. Today the news is very enemic with the most covered news being a question: Should the miner give back the $500K fee to Paxos? Community is torn. Meanwhile Bitcoin continues to rise up! The price of Bitcoin is currently trading at $26,505.44, I continue to believe that if this bounce continues we might see $30K by tomorrow. Told ya you wouldn't believe this - let's dive into the news...


A new study shows that 92% of institutional investors view crypto as key for portfolio diversification and The majority of these investors, managing around $3.5 trillion in assets, advocate for a moderate approach.

BTC price targets $27K as Bitcoin bulls shrug at PPI inflation surprise so is that Bullish? $20 billion inflows into crypto market cap in 24 hours. Bitcoin jumps as European central bank signals end to rate hikes. Crypto Community Torn on Huge Paxos Bitcoin Fee: Return It or Give to Miners? “Better to distribute it to the miners to make it clear that a fee is a fee. You have no obligation to give it back” said Peter Todd.

Bybit expects to exit UK market as new regulations loom. Coinbase launches month of zero trading fees on Advanced Trade in UK. Ripple opens up Liquidity Hub to Brazil and Australia.

Singapore's central bank, MAS, has issued 9-year prohibition orders against 3AC founders Zhu Su and Kyle Davies for violating Securities and Futures Act.

An Indian software engineer lost more than $120,500 in a cryptocurrency scam by a romantic partner and the accused promised significant returns and convinced Kuldeep Patel to invest in Banocoin over three months.



Podcast of the Day: The Senate Doesn't Seem to Care About Crypto Anymore | The Breakdown


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