11 Jul: Burj Khalifa

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Happy Tuesday Folks! Yesterday, the most covered news was about Standard Chartered making a call that Bitcoin will reach $50K by EOY and $120K by end of 2024; the price of Bitcoin is currently at $30,401.53. The fear and greed index inched up to 57 and the best performing asset for the past 24 hours is $SOL up 5.74%; in position #9. Let's dive into the rest of the news...

Crypto Can’t Be Used as Money Due to ‘Inherent Flaws,’ BIS Tells G20.

Bitcoin ‘Burj Khalifa’ fakeout repeats as BTC price spikes to $31K. Bitcoin to hit $100,000 once the BlackRock Spot ETF is approved and the halving. You Can Now Store Your Bitcoin Private Key as Colors. Bitcoin exchanges now hold the same BTC supply share as in late 2017. Cboe reaches surveillance agreement with Coinbase for spot bitcoin ETFs

Question: Mt. Gox repayment date looming: Is Bitcoin in trouble? Bitcoin death count in 2023: How many times can BTC be killed? Multiple spot bitcoin ETFs or only BlackRock? Will the SEC play ‘king-maker’?

Analysis: Legendary Trader John Bollinger Says Bitcoin (BTC) Getting Squeezed. BlackRock ETF Pushing Bitcoin to ‘Inflection Point’ as US Entities Accumulate BTC: Glassnode. Bitcoin's Run to $30,000 Is Not What You Think at All.

Opinion: Bitcoin halving bullish for Saylor’s MicroStrategy: Berenberg Capital. Bitcoin ETF Might Be Approved by End of This Year, If Not Sooner, Framework Ventures CEO Vance Spencer Says.

Ethereum (ETH) Eyes Key Price Target as Fees Hit Fresh Lows; tumbles 5%. Ethereum welcomes another zk rollup to mainnet. BNB, SOL Outperform as Bitcoin Clings to $30K.

Stablecoins may be a better path than CBDC for China, Circle’s Allaire says: SCMP. Brazil’s CBDC pilot contains code that can freeze or reduce funds, dev claims. BOE governor trashes crypto, stablecoins in favor of ‘enhanced digital money.’

Institutional investors shun self-custodial crypto solutions, PwC report finds.

SEC is ‘wrongfully attempting’ to police crypto markets — Paradigm counsel Rodrigo Seira. Crypto needs to get Democrats on board to advance US policy.

Celsius liquidations could exert sell-side pressure, warns Kaiko. Bankrupt Crypto Lender Voyager Digital Shrinks Portfolio by Nearly 40%.

Multichain’s ‘mysterious withdrawals’ have whiffs of a ‘rug pull’ — Chainalysis. Arcadia Finance hacker used reentrancy exploit, team demands return of funds. U.S. Department of Justice Arrests Engineer Over $9M Crypto Theft. US authorities are investigating former FTX exec for potential campaign finance violations: Report.



Podcast of the Day: Episode 82: Scaling to Billions of Users | Bitcoin Explained


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