09 Jan 2022: Crypto on Sale!

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01/09 - Bitcoin: $41,543.89 | Dom: 40.5% | HR: 167.191 EH/s
01/08 - Bitcoin: $41,349.80 | Dom: 40.2% | HR: 175.672 EH/s
01/07 - Bitcoin: $41,833.00 | Dom: 39.9% | HR: 173.748 EH/s
01/06 - Bitcoin: $43,051.17 | Dom: 39.9% | HR: 161.682 EH/s
01/05 - Bitcoin: $46,425.78 | Dom: 39.3% | HR: 173.748 EH/s
01/04 - Bitcoin: $46,369.97 | Dom: 39.4% | HR: 176.161 EH/s
01/03 - Bitcoin: $46,637.52 | Dom: 39.6% | HR:178.574 EH/s

Pay Attention! Here’s how the ultra-wealthy are investing going into 2022 - 2) Doubling their crypto investments

Weekend Recap: When I started this new format to now, the price of Bitcoin has trended down from $46K to $41K but the dominance has increased from 39.6% to 40.5% and hashrate dropped from 178 to 167 so as you see price follows hashrate. Below you will see the video from Krown and Fibo also believes we could see $35.5K revisited so keep some dry powder. Bitcoin would be on sale in a big way and it is my hope that most of you get some cheap sats! Zooming out is key and I will do this each week to remind us of where Bitcoin was and where it can be headed. 

Bitcoin dipped below $41K and performs classic bounce at $40.7K as BTC price comes full circle from January 2021; the bottom is near - will that be $38K? However, Bitcoin crash ahead? Expert warns higher inflation could whip BTC price to $30K. I wonder if they will still be talking about a crash when $BTC gets back above $50K? 

Top 5 Digital Assets to watch this week: BTC, LINK, ICP, LEO, ONE. Ethereum users pay record-breaking fees as coin loses almost 20% in last 4 days.

Doggie-Coin Watch
Shiba Inu drops below Dogecoin and AVAX on list of top coins and tokens by market capitalization and Shiba Inu profitability rate drops to 44%, making token unprofitable for majority of holders.

Notable Voices
Is Bitcoin mimicking rise of Amazon? Macro guru Raoul Pal compares ‘cheap’ BTC to tech giant. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein outlines five Crypto trends to watch in 2022. Crypto Billionaire Brock Pierce says Bitcoin price could hit $200K in 2022. 50% of global financial transactions might involve Ethereum in 10 years says Joey Krug.

Analyst's Corner
Major Ethereum warning issued by veteran trader Peter Brandt. Meanwhile, Justin Bennett says that he’s looking to scoop up ETH around the $3,000 level, currently about 4% away from current prices.

$35.5K #Bitcoin is an Insane Sale! 

Swedish municipality looking to diversify investment portfolio with Crypto.  

Follow Dat Money
Crypto dead man’s switch Sarcophagus raised $5.47MM from VCs via DAO.US DOT wants to fund research into crypto token incentives for drivers.

Vitalik Buterin proposes advanced ways to make Ethereum gas fees fairer.  Polygon under threat from a Blockchain game sending gas prices to new highs. 


Kosovo seizes hundreds of ASICs after Bitcoin mining ban

El Salvador Finance Minister Alejandro Zelaya reports Bitcoin bond bills to be submitted to parliament. Meanwhile, Turkish parliament to weigh in on new Crypto bill. What should the crypto industry expect from regulators in 2022? Experts answer, Part 2. Albania and Kosovo go different ways on Bitcoin.

NFTs in a nutshell: A weekly review. 5 NFT marketplaces that could topple OpenSea in 2022. Study shows 1,000 projects control $100 Billion worth of locked DeFi and Web3 funds. Shanghai seeking to integrate Metaverse over next five years

With the good comes the bad, LCX loses $6.8M in a hot wallet compromise over Ethereum blockchain.


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