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Run for the Unicorns Schedule

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 30 Aug 2020

Check out the Run for the Unicorns video to see our virtual conference

If you find the Virtual Conference interesting check out our website Run for the Unicorns and buy tickets for a mere 50 dollars. This conference is very affordable and has several BIG NAME Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain games. 

Blockchain Companies

  • Divi Project
  • Casperlabs
  • Bounty0x
  • Harmony Protocol 
  • Digitix

Crypto Influencers

  • Wild West Crypto Show
  • Crypto Insights
  • Blockdecentral
  • The Levelup Experience

Blockchain Game and Esports

  • Silica neXus
  • Reality Clash
  • Dissolution
  • Dapp Radar
  • GG Locators
  • Splinterlands
  • Ether Legends
  • Mythereum
  • Chibis Global
  • Ethermon
  • Gamecredits
  • Decentraland 

Other Notable Speakers

  • Kevin Williams of KWP Limited
  • Rick Tumlinson of Spacefund
  • John Canning of Digital Domain


September 2nd 

The schedule is using Eastern Standard Time

  • 10-11 AM Blockchain games panel with Blockdecentral as moderator, Reality Clash, Silica neXus, Dissolution, Dapp Radar
  • 12-1 PM Niccole Minka of ggLocators 
  • 2-3 PM Blockchain card games Blockdecentral as moderator, Splinterlands, Ether Legends, Mythereum, Ethermon
  • 4-5 PM Nick Saponarao from Divi Project
  • 6-7 PM Panel on crypto Tokenomics with Jason Charles, Brady Williams, Brad Yasar, Andrew Prell, and Rob Rice
  • 8-9 PM Ted Humble from Chibis Global and Mythereum
  • 10-11 PM Intersection of Blockchain and Esports with Cris Reed, Marcus Howard, Nick Saponaro, and Jaymes Hynes

September 3rd

  • 12-1AM "The Rise of NFT's" by DCL Blogger
  • 8-9 AM Kevin Williams of KWP
  • 10-11 AM Panel of Decentraland Influencers including DCL Blogger, Steve Wand of Game Credits, and Miles from DecentralGames
  • 12-1 PM Rick Tumlinson of SpaceFund
  • 2-3 PM Panel on NFT's with Mark Savage of ADOR, Brandon West from Digitix, Idon from Ethermon and Brian from Blockdecentral
  • 4-5 PM Brad Yasar from Beyond Enterprizes
  • 6-7 PM Panel on the Adoption of Cryptocurrency with Wild West Crypto Show moderating, Nick Saponaro of Divi Project, Jordan Smith of Bounty0x and Mrinal Manohard of Casperlabs
  • 8-9 PM Keynote speech on Virtual Reality with John Canning of Digital Domain
  • 10-11 PM Our Final Panel "Money Goes Brrrrr" hosted by Jason Nelson of CryptoInsights, Nick White from Harmony Protocol, Clifford Sarkin of Casperlabs, and Marc Kenigsberg from Coinjanitor

Tickets for this amazing conference are quite affordable at 50 USD. So check out Run for the Unicorns! 

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I work for several Cryptocurrency projects including Silica neXus and Divi Project. I also write on Quora and share many of the same posts that I share here.

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