Not Bad For A Three Year Old!

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 17 Apr 2023

Not Bad For A Three Year Old!


I don’t have any memories from when I was three years old. Like most people, the first few years of my life were forgotten and only my parents really know what happened. But I imagine I was like most toddlers, full of energy, emotion, and silliness. Nearly forty years later I am far wiser and smarter than my three-year-old self but still feel like I have learned nothing about the world.

BYDFI on the other hand is only three years old and seems to have life figured out. I just learned about BYDFI because of the contest and have been pleasantly surprised with this exchange. The first thing I saw was the phrase “BUIDL” Your Dream Finance. Clever tagline. It captures what every crypto bro hopes to accomplish in one phrase.

As I dived deeper into BYDFI I was surprised by the options that it offered. This is the sort of stuff I only expect from well known exchanges like Binance and OKX. Their features include:

  • Spot trading set up for beginners and advanced traders
  • Lite contracts
  • Perpetual swaps in $USDT and other cryptos
  • Leveraged tokens
  • Copy Trading
  • An affiliate marketing program that will keep crypto influencers interested
  • Welcome tasks that give users a head start in attempting perpetual futures trading
  • A platform for buying crypto with fiat currency
  • Approximately 400 different tokens to trade

This is a lot of features and quite frankly more than most users need! I was also pleased with the interface and thought it was easy to use for beginners but still provided advanced features that will please the most experienced day traders.

This is the part where I share my referral code just in case you have been living in under a rock and don’t know about BYDFI yet. You should sign up and at least do some of their welcome tasks, earn $USDT that can be used for perpetual futures trading (you can only withdraw profits). If you have wanted to experiment with day trading this is a good way to go about it because the $USDT is literally free!

So BYDFI has an easy-to-use platform with great features and plenty of coins to trade. Not bad for a three year old!


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