Long Term Litecoin Forecast

By Buzzbeeg | The Crypto Cave | 28 Nov 2020

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I am not going to discuss the price of Litecoin. Price is determined by supply and demand. With Litecoin we already know what the supply will be (around 84 million LTC in the year 2144). Demand is a by-product of utility, mass adoption, sentiment, development and access to cryptocurrency exchanges. All of these things work together to determine the price of a cryptocurrency.

Sentiment is completely unpredictable and based on news, price action by the whales and other nonsense that is hard to predict. Sentiment changes on regular basis so it’s better to look at other fundamentals for what the value of LTC will be in the long run. However, sentiment is essential for short term strategies.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges make liquidity and trading possible. If a cryptocurrency is not listed on an exchange it’s worth nothing. But a cryptocurrency listed on lot’s of exchanges is highly liquid, accepted and demanded.

Utility is being able to use it for something practical. Merely being able to exchange a token for Bitcoin does not give utility. An example of utility is purchasing adverting space on the Brave Browser with BAT or buying a T Shirt with Litecoin. When a token is useful more people will demand it.

Mass Adoption is when a LARGE amount of people are using a certain software, technology or in our case a cryptocurrency. Mass adoption is the most important thing for determining the demand of a cryptocurrency because it will determine demand.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Rating

10/10. It’s hard to find exchanges that don’t list Litecoin and it’s easy to find exchanges that will sell Litecoin for fiat or buy Litecoin for fiat. Other than Bitcoin or Ethereum I can’t think of a cryptocurrency that is more available.

Utility Rating

7/10. Litecoin is a payment crypto just like Bitcoin. The difference is that it’s faster and the fees are smaller. I think most people would rather use Litecoin for making online purchases. There are more stores that accept Bitcoin but there are still plenty of choices to buy from utilizing Litecoin.


6/10 Most of Litecoin’s development is copying Bitcoin’s updates. However, there are some exciting things going on with Litecoin; notably Mimblewimble. Litecoin developed Segwit which is now used on Bitcoin; perhaps they Mimblewimble will be next.

Mass Adoption

6.5/10 Today (11/13/2020) Litecoin has a 4 billion Dollar volume according to Coinmarketcap; Bitcoin has a 32 billion Dollar volume. It appears that Litecoin has about 1/8 the volume and I imagine the number of Litecoin holders is fairly similar. It seems to me the first coin to gain mass adoption will be Bitcoin followed by Ethereum. However, if Bitcoin does not solve it’s scaling problems I predict a lot of crypto users may adopt Litecoin for their online purchases and Litecoin may siphon off a percentage of the Bitcoin community.

I think Litecoin has some long term potential but it’s not near as good as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If you are working on a crypto portfolio and want 10 or more coins than Litecoin may be a good choice. But if you just want one or two good coins go to Bitcoin and Ethereum first.

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