Symbiosis: The future of Multi-Chain swaps.

By Ethanoscrypto | The Crypto Bat | 24 Mar 2022

Welcome back to the blog. Today I am discussing a new tool I found: Symbiosis.



Symbiosis is a new swap where you can swap from one token into another. Just like Uniswap, or Pancake swap.


However, there is one major difference between Symbiosis and the old fashion swaps, and that is, Symbiosis is a multi-chain swap.

Being a multi-chain swap gives Symbiosis the ability to swap from one coin on one chain to any coin on any chain. For example, on a normal swap like

Uniswap, you can swap from Ethereum to any Ethereum-based token; or Avalanche to any Avalanche-based token. But, on Symbiosis, you can swap from

Avalanche to Ethereum or from an Avalanche-based token to an Ethereum-based token. This removes any issues from switching from one chain to

another; And from one coin to another. Symbiosis, just like Pancake Swap and Uniswap, has its own native asset. Symbiosis' token is called Symbiosis

Finance or SIS. You can see the price here. This token still has a very small market cap and a small supply. This means it's worth buying, in my opinion.

Right now on Symbiosis, you can swap between four different chains.

                                      10a0bd27dc1db8831e00d8a98a9c866d96b5fe80683995219ec222f71bb2c406.jpg Ethereum,

                                      137ff3bbad6bffd32d9abd87306a0451addbba4f07df95df63881b2a88ac63a0.jpg BNB


84aeb52b30a0e569fb1c2897eb566ee6806c73129c49de0fab77bf0d46753229.png  Polygon,


4803a58ee919a467c6f5fd017a6fdd4a65ba0063740d7ec8d9d6c6948dc7284f.png   and Avalanche.

Symbiosis is already working on adding even more chains in the near future. Symbiosis is also only in the Beta version, which means they still have many more plans and projects in the near future.


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