KRYPTOMON! The most promising airdrop of 2021?

A revolutionary NFT system, based on games in the 80/90's. What you mean?
First we talk about your egg, which will be unique and unreplicable in its type, as it is based on the token BEP721 NFT.
So, why is it based on the 80/90's? As soon as your egg hatches, you will get a Kryptomon. You should take care of it by referring to your own genetic characteristics, as defined with Tamagotchi, a world boom in the 90s.
Why Pokémon? Besides to taking care of your Kryptomon, you will train it to make it stronger to battle with other Kryptomon!








And best of all, it is an NFT game based on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network, that is, your gas fee will be extremely lower than other NFT’s games that are based on other networks.



  • 2º Click on the arrow and then on CLAIM YOURS!





  • 3º Put your full name and email. Then click on CLAIM YOUR EGG!



  • 4º Check your email, and click on "confirm your entry". (PS. Sometimes they send 2 emails, one with a bug, and the other right. If it happens, check both).


  • 5º After clicking on “confirm your entry”, you will be redirected back to the site. There you will repeat step 2 (Click on the arrow and then on CLAIM YOURS!). Soon you will be redirected to the task part. Click on each one and do them. (PS. The more tasks you complete, the more chances you have of winning Special Eggs - GEN0).



Done, you're already participating in Airdrop. Remember, it only runs until June 30th, so hurry up !! Don't miss the best opportunity in the NFT world.

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