MetaMask reaches 30 million users and plans to launch its own token and DAO

As you may know, MetaMask is an Ethereum wallet and other networks and is among the most used in the world. In this sense, after reaching the mark of 30 million users around the world, the platform is working on the launch of its own token. The information was confirmed by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum and  CEO of ConsenSys, the MetaMask wallet management company, on the 16th.

In addition to the token, Joseph also confirmed that the wallet will have its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). However, according to Lubin, this DAO will not have a governance character and will only function as a financing mechanism, through donations to maintain MetaMask's operations.

Rumors of an own MetaMask token have been circulating for a long time in the crypto community, especially after the launch of the token from one of its main competitors, Trust Wallet. However, many investors are still apprehensive about the token, largely due to scams that have already emerged involving the creation of scans that impersonate the official token of the wallet to access these people’s funds, the most recent of which took place in December 2021, where a fake MetaMask token was used to steal users' private keys. This time, however, everything indicates that the project is really serious, as it was confirmed by the CEO of the company that manages Wallet, in an interview with Decrypt.


Expectations about an airdrop

After the confirmation of this news, users started to create expectations that an airdrop will occur for the distribution of tokens to platform users. However, further details about the token were not confirmed, and it is not possible to say that such an airdrop event will occur. Even so, there is a possibility that this will happen and, if it does happen, it can give users a good boost and strengthen their loyalty even more.


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