The Cloud Mining Diary #6

By The Joker | The Cloud Mining Diary | 25 Mar 2020

Hi guys!

Another quick update on my investment with Dual Mine.

As today this is my dashboard.



The platform is going great and I have done several witdrawals, and I have already almost 0.2 of Zcash and 0.003 Btc to cash out.



Creating an order is really simple and right now they still have a great 6x promo



Till now I'm really happy with this platform, is delivering what promised.

If you are interested in Dual Mine you can get 100 GH/s just for the registration

You can read my first article about Dual Mine here:



See you at the next update, stay safe!






Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor, invest only what you can affor to lose.

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The Joker

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The Cloud Mining Diary
The Cloud Mining Diary

A journey with Dual Mine

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