We Should Be Exploding At The Speed We're Moving!

Hold on to something!

The planets of our solar system, include our home planet Earth are spiraling towards the sun as they speed forward around the Milky Way Galaxy on its never ending journey through the universe. The speed at which our solar system is moving along  is a jaw dropping est., 230 kilometres a second (not per hour). A one year journey at this rate is 7.26 billion kilometres or  4.79 billion miles.

On top of that, the Milky Way is travelling on its own trajectory at about 550 km/s per second. That's almost two and a half times faster than the speed our solar system and us with it, are travelling through outer space. Somehow, even with this rapid rate of movement, we remain planted on the ground and the trees haven't uprooted.

But there's more to make you feel dizzy or develop an ear ache. The Earth orbits the sun at just under 30 km/s a second or about 104,000 km/h. While it's orbiting, it's also spinning and is rotating at a speed of 1,670 km/h or 1,037 mph.  In a day, just from rotating, you'll have traveled more than 24,000 miles and traveled some 2.5 million kms  orbiting the sun and further along by the Milky Way a few more million kilometres.Let that sink in.

Did I mentioned that Earth has a slight wobble and is spinning off its axis too? Because of the wobble, the axis varies between 21.5 and 24.5 degrees and takes approximately 26,000 years to complete just one rotation of this wobble and is called the 'precession' of the Earth. The degree of the axis changes back and forth like a pendulum between this range of degrees over this 26,000 year cycle. The Mayans knew all of this. The whole 2012 / end of world thing was actually about their calendar marking the end of a complete rotation of the wobble, starting a new 26,000 year cycle. How they knew all this is a mystery.

We are rotating, wobbling, spiraling and speeding along about 23 degrees of our axis, give or take a degree, oblivious while we hurtle through space as some unknown force keeps us all from literally exploding away. It influences the tides, winds, weather, day and night transitions, the changing seasons and even ice ages. 

Something that most people aren't aware of, is that we will never return to the same spot in outer space as we travel along. As Earth completes one orbit, we'll have already traveled a great distance, never to return again. It's a one time deal.

Do the obvious forces our planet encounters as we travel through space have influence on human beings physically, mentally or spiritually or any combination thereof? There are all sorts of cosmic energy constantly bombarding the Earth. Fortunately, we are mostly protected by the Earth's magnetic shield or field but it has been known to change in intensity over long periods of time. The intensity of the sun also fluctuates which can affect cosmic flow.

Perhaps that's what makes us humans unique in the cosmos. We have evolved and adapted to withstand, survive and thrive.

We are all astronauts on spaceship Earth, a beautiful marble of a greenhouse that is capable of flying through space at astronomical speeds, while spiraling, rotating and spinning off its axis. It's an incredible wonder just how far you and I have traveled in a day, a year or in a lifetime. It gives a whole new meaning to, 'where we go one, we go all'.


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