Tip Yourself. You Deserve it!
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Tip Yourself. You Deserve it!

Did you know that your time is your most valuable asset. Are you aware that with each passing hour, you are burning your own 'time tokens', never to be retrieved or recovered again? Whether it's an hour, a day, month or year, your time is finite. For this reason, your time really is your most valuable asset. Some of us have more and some of us have less to begin with which makes this topic all the more intriguing.

How do you plan on using up this incredibly valuable resource? You know the ol' saying... 'use it or lose it'. You can spend your life working McMinimum wage or take a college course that helps land you a job that pays a little more. How you spend your time is totally up to you but did you know you can tip yourself every time you read a good article on PublishOx?

Maybe many people think that tipping comes out of their own wallets but that's not the case. PublishOx has a prize pool they basically share with all of us. Content creators and readers alike can earn Farm / Ampleforth tokens. It's fractional of course but nevertheless, as time goes on, those fractional tokens will certainly add up. After reading an article, the user can optionally tip the publisher of the article using this prize pool. The really groovy feature of tipping on PublishOx is that you can set the percentage of the payout shared between the publisher and yourself.

I'll usually tip 70% to the publisher and the remaining 30% of the payout goes into my account. If I really like the article, I'll increase it to 80% and still earn 20% of the payout.

So then, the point I'm trying to get across is that you spent a bit of your valuable time reading this article on PublishOx and they want to reward you for it.

Imagine that, being rewarded for your time. While I always appreciate tips myself for my published articles, it's always such a kick to read interesting content on PublishOx and pay myself for it. It's definitely time well spent.

So go ahead and tip yourself every time you read an article on PublishOx. Trust me, it feels really good...


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The Brave New World

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